Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardArt x Programming

What's the best way to screen-cap a GIF of your own on Mac OS X?

And what is your favorite workflow for using it? I'd also like a solution for iPhone, but I have a feeling that's not as easy :)
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    Kyle Hess
    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager · Written
    I like CloudApp quite a bit. It offers a ton of different functionality, but a big feature is their screenshot/gif capture.
    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Definitely cloud app. Makes recording gif's super easy. After recording, I'll generally upload them to for editing/optimizing.
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    Setapp beta

    Your shortcut to prime apps on Mac, an App Store alternative

    Berk Çebi
    Berk ÇebimacOS, co-founder at Zeplin · Written
    Super easy to use, incredible quality with a decent file size!
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    Search animated GIFs on the web

    This is a good alternative to CloudApp for creating and sharing GIFs on Mac
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    GIFMaker for Mac

    The easiest way to create a GIF on your Mac

    Mike Jirout
    Mike JiroutFounder - Ship Mate · Written
    I bought GIFMaker after seeing it on PH about a year ago. I think it was a couple bucks. It's worked perfectly every time I've needed it. Super simple and seems extra-optimized for cat gifs.
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    Niv Dror
    Niv Dror¯\_(ツ)_/¯ · Written
    CloudApp just launched annotate -- I must use it 40+ times a day to make GIFs for tweets/products. Super convenient when it's right on your Mac's menu bar
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    A faster way to take screencasts Free + GIF Support

    I've tried several programs and this is by far the easiest. It's like Awesome Screenshot but with GIF screencasts. Super quick and easy for anyone.