David Grills
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Bots for individuals.

I don't work in a team, use Slack or other team platforms, but I want the help of a bot/ai to automate some tasks like making appointments, reminders, bills, groceries, social media, general admin, and who knows? Any bots that don't depend on a team platform?
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White
    Hannah White16Marketing Manager · Edited
    You can create bots in Tonkean, while it does work with team platforms (like Slack), it's not necessary to run the bots within those platforms. You can correspond with your bots within the platform, or even via email if you don't feel like logging in. Tonkean also has a great, user-friendly mobile app to keep track of all the work that is being done and once you've set up your workflows, you can solely log in via that app if that suits you best. The great thing about Tonkean is that the initial set up helps you determine what you want to track. The platform works with you to outline your workflows and then helps you break them down step by step. You then sync the business applications and tools that are involved with Tonkean so the automation happens seamlessly. Once you set up your workflows, you can even create a live dashboard to monitor all of your bots (or workflows) that are running to ensure everything - from your general responsibilities, to specific deliverables are being handled. https://tonkean.com/rpa/