Tanveer Chandok
Tanveer ChandokCo-Founder, Designer and CxO @ WonUpIt

What is the best (free) all-encompassing social media marketing tool?

I'm looking for a tool with which our marketing team can schedule and manage our weekly social media campaigns. We have regular posts that go out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (example: WonUpIt Wednesday's). Ideal use case would be for our marketing team to load all the content they want to use on the platform by Friday; my co-founder and I can then review the posts and approve them so that they are automatically made on each of the platforms mentioned. We're a startup and are looking for a free to use solution. Thanks PH!
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  1. I'm a big Buffer fan, just connect all your social networks and start posting, pretty easy.
  2. Scott
    ScottCMO @riptec.net | Senior #UX Designer · Written
    The free account is fine for solo management.
  3. Enterprising Josh made this product
    If you are looking for free social CRM, Bitrix24 makes a lot of sense - https://www.bitrix24.com/uses/be...
  4. Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Crowdfire is a great option! I like Buffer too - as a pure scheduling tool, it has no equal but its 10 posts limit on the free account is a little, well, limiting. The new bot version of Crowdfire is novice-friendly, helps you increase followers on Twitter and Instagram, and, most importantly, lets you schedule and publish posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I've been using the app for a month or so, haven't hit any limits yet. Give it a spin and let me know.
  5. Miriam Schwab
    Miriam SchwabFounder & CEO, Strattic · Written
    Sendible is incredibly robust and covers pretty much all social media.
  6. 1
    OneUp 2.0

    Schedule and automatically repeat posts on social media

    Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Davis Baer made this product
    OneUp makes it easy to automatically recycle your evergreen content on social media
    • Great tool for anyone who wants to easily manage social media accounts from small to large. Support is A-1: quick, accommodating, flexible and smart. I've tried a few different tools, and OneUp is the most comprehensive.

    • Ruslan Khisamov
      Ruslan KhisamovCDO, Shaker

      As an active user, I will say directly that such repetitive posts are very shaking and begin to look like spam