Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit

What are the tools that let you create your custom analytics dashboard from database queries?

Most of our "clarity metrics" (not vanity) come from our database queries like avg. workout session durations, or no. of workout activities performed by a first time user or returning user. I am looking for a simple tool which can link my database queries to plot & track these numbers weekly in some kind of a dashboard. I have come across PeriscopeData and Plotly. Are there any other free tools?
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    Open source business intelligence - Installs in 5 minutes

    Rajoshi GhoshCo-founder, Hasura · Written
    Super quick set up and easily customisable.
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    A web application framework for R

    Sasank DaggubatiProduct Manager, Data Science - Groupon · Written
    Easily customizable and great community.