What is the best universal bookmark manager?

I am looking for the most powerful bookmark manager to access on mobile, desktop and any browser.
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    Better Than Bookmarks

    Jamie McIntyre
    Jamie McIntyreFounder, Rewire Capital Β· Written
    They have continued to pump out new features that make this my goto browser extension.
    Bryce Bladon
    Bryce BladonContent + Communications Β· Written
    Toby is easily my most used and most favoured extension.
    AurnikChief Fashion Officer Β· Written
    I've only been using Toby on desktop but the way it allows you to organize your bookmarks and tabs is very innovative. Still some bugs but you should try it out!
    • Michael Babich
      Michael BabichEntrepreneur, hacker, and traveler.

      Downloaded. Couldn't even try it stopped by request to register account. If every minor Chrome extension would require registration for usage, it would be nightmare. There are OneTab that does similar job very good with no need to provide an email.

      This one looks like hustling to get your contacts and spam you.

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    • Hannah K Zambrano
      Hannah K ZambranoSenior Executive, Mindvalley

      Downloaded the product, looks great and perfect for a big problem I have had for years with bookmarks and then later realized that my brownser home page had change to toby?!?! what?? not cool. If you will change a setting in my browser you HAVE to let me know, and if you did let me know then it was not clear AT ALL.

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    Raindrop.io 4.0

    All in one bookmark manager become even better

    ChevyAudiovisual and Multimedia Communicator Β· Edited
    Hands down the best bookmark manager around. It is available on every single platform, including web browser extensions. It's also visually attractive, with a lot of tools and it's free! You can choose to pay for additional tools though.
    Been using Raindrop for years after Delicious was spoilt. And still it never let me down, I always recommend it to edit, organise and manage bookmarks.
    Rajesh Kasturirangan
    Rajesh KasturiranganThink for a living Β· Written
    The best bookmarking tool I have ever used.
    • Corey Ward
      Corey Wardentrepreneur

      I used to use Stache for my bookmarks before d3i abandoned the product (despite being paid). Stache was amazing for a couple reasons: when you bookmarked a webpage they captured the HTML and a really good full-page screenshot. They used the HTML to search and to render a preview of the page later if you were offline, and the screenshot was used for a thumbnail and to let you view the page as it was when you captured it, even if it changed or died since then. Alas, syncing broke in Stache a couple years ago and I switched over to Raindrop.

      Raindrop initially had new features coming out frequently. It seemed like they were going to grow fast and start charging money once they had a healthy user base in order to hire on additional people. They did grow fast, but I think the single developer lost interest in developing it so the product stagnated and a traditional support channel never materialized. They did add a paid subscription, but with a modest additional featureset.

      Most unfortunately, Raindrop has failed to figure out how to properly capture and resurface bookmarked pages. Thumbnails are often a small icon from the page blown up into pixelated oblivion and then cropped square. There is a feature to capture a screenshot of a page, but there's zero UI feedback once you opt into it on a given bookmark and it frequently doesn't work. Search is even worse: results are sorted by recency, there isn't an option to use relevancy, and Raindrop doesn't capture page content so only the page title and description are searched. Tags aren't even searched unless you specifically add the hash symbol, making the benefits of tagging limited.

      I'm sure something else will come along and replace Raindrop for me eventually, but for now, I'll continue amassing useful links in an utterly unsearchable form in hopes that they'll suddenly become useful one day.

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    • Shae
      ShaeVisual Design Strategist

      I've used this pretty much since it first launched and I really love this app, I use it frequently throughout my day on all my devices. I love that I am able to have various collections, customize them and just really keep my bookmarks synced across devices. It's a handy and very useful app, I highly recommend it.

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    Pocket Premium

    The most powerful Pocket yet.

    Ali Hanif
    Ali HanifFounder @ HANALI Β· Written
    super addictive, great UI and it does the job - one of the best in it's category
    Looks great but I can't get my bookmarks to even load into the program. Chrome.
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    Social bookmarking for introverts

    Simple, the best in class, popular so get very nice browser extensions, desktop, and mobile apps, I've already paid for 5 years until 2021.
    Tom Flemming
    Tom FlemmingPlayer One. Experience Strategy. Β· Written
    Weapon of choice for the bookmarking aficionado.
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    A modern bookmarks and tabs manager ✨

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetWorking on Qlearly.com Β· Edited
    Guillaume Bardet made this product
    I will go ahead and shamelessly mention the solution I have been working on. :) We are always working on shipping improvements and making sure our current 6,000+ users are happy with the extension. If you are looking for a bookmark and tabs manager, and you are familiar with boards and columns similar to Trello, Qlearly might be the solution for you!
    • Just S
      Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

      Clearly has been one of my favorite tools since it launched. I use more Chrome extensions than most people I know but only a handful are critical to my workflow and get installed on every machine and profile I use. Clearly is one of those critical extensions. Long forgotten and disorganized bookmarks have found new light and new life since I began using Clearly. Together with Workona and TabSnooze I have a perfect system for working in the browser. I am looking forward to watching Clearly develop but I'm not sure it needs any improvement from today.

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    • Takes all the good things that Toby for Chrome was doing and improves upon them. The Trello-like UI allows for easy drag-and-drop organising making it way easier to collect your bookmarks for different projects and purposes. Its still early days, and so there are still a couple kinks in the armour; the UI for adding bookmarks could be improved, avoiding duplicates isn't obvious and importing/exporting bookmarks seems too much of a manual process. But so far I'm very impressed with the speed and ease of this fine browser extension β€” Two thumbs up! *There is a workaround for this β€” see Guillaume's post for more.

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    Instapaper 7

    Redesigned and optimized for iOS 9

    Joe Pour
    Joe PourHead of Product at ClickView Β· Written
    I have used Instapaper for many years now and it is one of my favourite products! The best thing about Instaper is it's ubiquity; you can save to a folder from literally anywhere! It also removes all the noise (adverts, promo links etc) and lets you read the article in a clean and simple format.
  7. Minnix
    MinnixA mind possessed by bits and pixels. Β· Written
    Bookmarking made easier with the smarts of Google Search and a new modern UI.
    StevenDeveloper, Student Β· Written
    Recently added it to chrome and I'm loving it so far... Simple, minimalistic design, easily searchable... just nice and easy to use :)
  8. Jozsef Torsan
    Jozsef TorsanJava EE software engineer Β· Written
    User friendly, pretty easy to use, both desktop and mobile support, 2 different views of bookmarks (one for quick accessing the frequently used bookmarks the other one is for advanced bookmark and tag management), continuous improvements based on customer feedback.
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    The fastest way to save links in the cloud

    saved.io the minimalists' option.
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    Organize your online bookmarks/tools and information

    With Tixio you can fit more info if you want on one board. We feel like Tixio provides better sharing options to collaborate with your teammates as you can share/sync a board or a widget. We will keep getting the feedback from the users and decide on the widgets to include in the coming weeks and months. Dynamic Widgets Planned: -Stock Market -Cryptocurrency Price -Google Calendar Additional Features Planned: -Wiki - ability to organize the internal documents for the company. This is one of the most requested features so far. -Public URL - ability to create a public URL for a board and share with anyone
    You get more info on one board.
    • Has potential, I like the UI so far. Had a bug where I would delete a widget

      but then it would remove the bookmarks I added from a different widget. If I

      refreshed the page, everything appeared normal. Also, a great option would be

      to reorder the bookmarks within a widget. Looks like you can drag them, but

      they don't seem to move anywhere right now.

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    • Zoran Stojanovic
      Zoran StojanovicFull-stack marketer.

      I look forward to the new widgets like: stock prices, cryptocurrency prices etc.

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    Email This

    Send ad-free articles & web pages to your email inbox

    BharaniCo-Founder, Resumonk Β· Written
    Bharani made this product
    Save everything to your email. Since your saved pages/bookmarks come to your email, you can access it from any platform or device. You can also create folders, tags, labels and auto-filter rules to manage incoming emails. No additional apps required to access your saved bookmarks.
    Andreas Wagner
    Andreas Wagnerlooking for..........😎 · Written
    I love it, because it is so simple and smart!
    • Enjoy this better than any of the "send email link" extensions. A funny side effect is that it has cut down on how many articles I share with friends as the email must come to me first before I forward it. This gives me a "cooling off" period to rethink who I am going to share the article with, rather than impulsively sharing articles I have merely skimmed before forwarding on :).

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    Worth your attention

    @ChuckReynoldsbuild & track websites. cofounder Vuurr Β· Written
    Since Delicious died a while back it took me a while to find something as useful ... Refind is what I finally settled on and I really find it useful.
    Refind is a pretty cool tool but it still only allows to sign up if you are recommended by an already user. I can send free invitations for anyone who wants to register, just send me a tweet @yakinbozek and I will invite you back.
    • Carlos Herrera
      Carlos HerreraSoftware Engineer, Epicor Software

      I've been using Refind for a week or so and I have read so many good articles. The quality of the posts Refind finds is amazing.

      Sometimes the amount of good links results in lower productivity :/ I'm working on this.

      Kudos on the makers, this is a very useful tool.

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    • Arin Basu
      Arin Basudoctor, professor environmental health

      Amazing app, keeps getting better. Superb design aesthetics, works in every browser. I miss a dedicated iphone/android app for refind.

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    Turn your browser start page into a personal dashboard

    start.meFounder, start.me Β· Written
    start.me made this product
    start.me provides a cross-browser bookmark manager. The visual interface makes it easy to organize and find your saved links. Also comes with tons of other features: like Broken Link Checker, RSS feeds, Notes and various sharing options.
    Tweegenic1Noble Investor Β· Written
    start.me is an advanced online bookmark manager where you can keep your collection of bookmarks organized on a personal dashboard (that you can share with others).
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    See what everyone are bookmarking

    Dominik Serafin
    Dominik SerafinTrying to get out of the bubble. Β· Written
    Dominik Serafin made this product
    Super neat bookmark manager with all the right features and optional social sharing & discovery. (And new features are added constantly)
    Mademoiselle Pixelle
    Mademoiselle PixelleUI designer & Photographer Β· Written
    Good tool. I'm still testing it but the features are cool (some will be released soon) and the support is quick to answer πŸ‘
    • Really loving the ui and minimalist design. The tagging system that includes colour codes is also great. It's exactly what I've been looking for to use as a bookmarking archive / read later / mood board combination app. I'm excited to see how it continues to grow and develop.

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    • Adelaida Parsyan
      Adelaida ParsyanBiochemistry Student

      Best bookmark manager out there by far in terms of features. I've tried it all and this just beats them all.

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  15. RozBahrami
    RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep Β· Written
    This is a tool used for content sharing but I personally use it for personal bookmarking. It's great because I can share any link or content piece online with the Chrome Browser extension into my topic specific channel. If I choose to share my populated channel with my bookmarks I can do so by inviting people to my channel. It's a pretty neat tool!
  16. Michal Rutrich
    Michal RutrichBe productive. Stay ahead. Β· Written
    Michal Rutrich made this product
    Web app available on all your devices with nice smooth UI. Set it as your home page and you are one click away from any website you visit. PH: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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    Save to Google

    Save your favorite webpages to read later on Google

    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Customer Success / Growth Β· Written
    This is a great alternative to the default bookmark option on Chrome. Beat part is you can add tags and segregate everything in order. Makes bookmarking neat again :P
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    Personalized social bookmarking manager

    Pascal Sageret-Dubuy
    Pascal Sageret-DubuyWeb Explorer since '98 Β· Written
    IMHO great content must end up in an Evernote-like app. If the tool you need is more like a Trello board with all your bookmarks at your fingertips, Papaly is a really good choice. Plus it's free.
    • Oguz Kaan Cagatay Kilinc
      Oguz Kaan Cagatay Kilinccoder @ webdenal

      I used Papaly. It was very good web app, actually still very good. But Papaly has not updated for a long time, and no recent sharing their social accounts. Probably, developer team burned the project.

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    • Adelaida Parsyan
      Adelaida ParsyanBiochemistry Student

      I used papaly for such a long time and it's a great bookmarking platform. If it had the ability to view the layout in cards and more customization options in general I would still use it but it is still top 5 i've ever used.

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    Bookmark OS 2.0

    Powerful bookmark manager with AI and a browser-based GUI

    Ole Keding
    Ole KedingInnovation Manager, Pilot Β· Written
    Very simple and close to traditional bookmarking in browsers.
    • Pros (cont'd): I am using it with Opera also. (I found buttons at BookmarkOS, while using Opera, that I could move onto the Opera bar.)

      Cons (cont'd): The Firefox extension giving access to the BookmarkOS desktop opens a fixed window that is too small for my preference. I removed the extension from Firefox and made the BookmarkOS desktop my homepage in Firefox. (I got rid of the extraneous, intermediate, "bookmarks" folder from the upload.) The folder names start with whole numbers that order them and ahead of them come a few individual, much-used bookmarks (like Google Advanced Search) with names starting with, for example, 0.1 to put them ahead of the folders, just where I want them.

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    Bookmarking for developers

    Belle Beth Cooper
    Belle Beth CooperCo-founder, exist.io Β· Written
    Belle Beth Cooper made this product
    We built Larder initially because I wasn't happy with existing options. Pinboard didn't offer folders and I wanted something with a nicer design. Raindrop looked great but was super buggy on iOS and Mac and kept losing my bookmarks so I couldn't rely on it. Pocket wasn't really designed for bookmarking everything, just for reading later. Now we're focused on bookmarking for developers, so we automatically import your starred repos from GitHub and favourited questions from Stack Overflow and send a weekly email with updates to those repos and new links in any folders you want updates for. We're also a paid service because I was sick of free bookmarking apps shutting down or being abandoned by the devs and leaving me high and dry.