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Best product to turn website into app (ios and android)

Best product to turn website into app (ios and android)
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    Convert your website to an iOS and Android app

    Lucas Maldonado
    Lucas MaldonadoFounder at PopMyAds · Written
    Lucas Maldonado made this product
    Convertify will help you turn your website to a native iOS or Android app. Our team will help with any special request and we are the most affordable option in the market
    Why you not try it? I think it is your best choice.
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    Go Native

    Convert your website into native Android and iOS

    If you looking for something easy Go Native can handle everything for you.
    Carson Long
    Carson LongI love finding new technology · Written
    Quick and dirty webview for ios and android gets the job done
  3. Cordova plugins work, which is a reason in and of itself. Easy to get started and a bit better then just an embedded webview. Maybe not the solution for you, as it's a bit complex, but should work. Ideally, use React Native or some kind of hybrid.
  4. John Caffier
    John Caffier❤️ Science, People & Innovations. · Written
    John Caffier made this product
    Affordable, quality-oriented and fun to use. Hit me up if you have any questions!
    Thanks for sharing!
  5. Its super easy and it will solve your purpose in very decent manner. Just explore it and you will find a great solution definetly.