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What are some of the most effective ways / products to fight phone addiction?

I believe people and, especially couples, are increasingly disconnected from each other. The world today, as we know it, is confusing distraction with entertainment and the depth of human relationships with the superficiality of social media interactions. Any ideas?
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    Unhook yourself from addictive iOS apps

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    This is a clever tool you can use to replace the Twitter, Facebook, and other app icons on your homescreen. When tapped, it opens to a web browser to make you wait for a few seconds before the targeted app (e.g. Twitter) opens. It forces a slight pause and reflection before falling into habits.
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    Get tech-life balance by cutting down on technology overuse

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    @gzicherm who's done a ton of research and writing on gamification and human psychology, recently launched Onward to help people fight addiction to social media and the internet. The app uses a VPN to track where you spend your time on your phone, to measure, report, and guide addicts. This problem will become increasingly difficult as technology becomes easier to use, embedded into our brains (see @elonmusk's new startup, Neuralink).