Lucy GlazyevaHead of PR

What is a good tool for email marketing automation?

I'm looking for efficient tool to manage email activities for the online store.
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    AeroLeads - Email Finder

    Find email addresses of people & phone numbers of businesses

    Hi Lucy, You might have come across with many tools but there is no better tool than AeroLeads + AeroMailer (product of AeroLeads). It is the most prominent option for your email marketing. One tool can automate your email finding activity and other can help you automate your email sending process.
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    Free, open source, marketing automation Highrise alternative

    DB HurleyThinker, Founder, Starter · Written
    DB Hurley made this product
    Completely free and opensource. Capable of high volume email sends. You can configure your own ESP (Email Service Provider) or for low volume use the default server sends. Beautiful interface and ready to be used beyond just email if and when you're ready!
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Have a look at Salesflare’s email workflows. It’s the best solution if you’d like to send personal emails at scale. No one can see that it's not you who personally sent the email. AKA no more ‘Sent with Mailchimp’ footers. And the emails land in the main inbox (not in the “Promotions” tab in Gmail or “Other” tab in, which makes that they are opened, read, clicked and replied to way more often.
  4. I would go with @MailChimp. Great tool for email marketing for e-commerce, and it can scale with your business depending on how complex your email marketing campaigns are. They integrate well with social media channels like Instagram and Facebook if you're running ads, as well as pretty much every major e-commerce platform (like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to name a few).
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    Kshitij ShahFintech Product Manager · Written
    We've used Mailchimp since day 1 and nothing has been easier for us. It integrates seamlessly. Has intuitive controls and is rock solid and reliable.
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    "Send better email": it is true! Mailchimp is the right tool for everybody's needs regarding email automation. Customize your campaign or forwarding existing templates for a top level brand communication
  5. Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Written
    Hi Lucy, For me, it is Agile CRM’s email marketing tool ( It doesn’t just have amazing email marketing automation capabilities but it also is the best CRM for SMBs to manage the email marketing leads end-to-end. As Agile CRM is an All-in-One CRM which provides sales, marketing and service automation on a single, simple and easy-to-use platform, the chances of the lead converting due to your email marketing efforts is quite high! The complete buyer’s journey can be managed using Agile CRM as all the teams can work in unison. Its email marketing feature is quite user-friendly as it provides the drag-and-drop email builder to create and send professional emails. Here is a look at its email marketing features: * Prepackaged & Custom Templates * Personalization * Email Lead Scoring * Tracking and Metrics * Email A/B Testing * Drag-and-Drop Email Builder * Target Your Audience * Sharing on Social Media * Autoresponders * Real-Time Alerts Depending on the pricing plan ( chosen, you can send unlimited emails. I can integrate my Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 emails in the tool itself to never miss out on any opportunity. It allows you to integrate your account with email gateways such as Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Ases. I have used SendGrid, MailChimp, SendInblue previously. But none come close to this tool as it is an excellent CRM too! Hope I helped! :)
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    Customer Communication tool for Support, Marketing & Sales

    Daniil Kopilevych4Head of Growth at HelpCrunch · Written
    Daniil Kopilevych made this product
    Great for e-commerce email marketing Try it out for free
  7. Jill BrennanMarketing Trainer, Consultant & Author · Edited
    I've been working on an article on this because there is so much choice and lots of people ask. My preference is Active Campaign. And I've posted part of the article here. There are a lot of different email marketing providers to pick from. It’s often not until you start using a system that you realize what the limitations of the service are. There is no perfect system. But it’s about picking one that provides enough of what you need, room to grow and is easy to use. Some definitions that maybe helpful in sorting through the different features offered: Tags This refers to a label that is attached to a particular user. For example, you could have a tag to indicate what product or service a subscriber purchased or showed interest in. You could have a tag for ‘prospect’ and another for ‘customer’ and in that way you can create two different emails and send one to those with the ‘prospect’ tag and one to those that have the ‘customer’ tag. Workflow This is where you can set up an automated sequence of activities for a new subscriber or when they complete a particular action. For example, you could have a workflow that sends a message to a new subscriber and adds a tag to their profile to say that they’re interested in Product A. If they click on the link in the email then they’re sent a follow up message in 2 days time. If they don’t click then they can be sent a different message. All this is possible with workflows. You can design what you want and then measure the results to see if its working. Automation This is where you have a sequence of activities and messages that are activated by a specific trigger, for example, a new subscriber being added to your database. Campaigns These are usually referring to a specific promotion or message and are usually generated as needed compared to automations. These typically run on an evergreen basis. I’ve used many different providers and I’ve gone through them here to briefly explain what I like and dislike about them. I could have put together a table with features offered by each but that doesn’t always tell the full story: Vision 6 Like: - Australian company so that if you’re also based in Australia and have any problems, you can email support and know that you’re in the same timezone and you’ll get a response in working hours Dislike: - basic system that doesn’t have a lot of extras like tags and workflows that are useful as you become more adept at using it Agile CRM Like: - there wasn’t a lot to like about this service and I only used it because the tech guy I was working with had it as a package deal with other software that I did like Dislike: - it’s more of a CRM than it is an email marketing service so they treat sending a newsletter as another ‘automation’ and the number of automations are limited by your membership level which makes the process unnecessarily complicated and awkward - couldn’t be automatically integrated with Wordpress website via Thrive Themes which is what I use for my websites. Thrive Themes have a list of email service providers that they’re integrated with and this company isn’t on the list which made the process frustrating. - The learning curve for using this service is steep and not intuitive Mailchimp Like: - This is the default for many small businesses because it’s free for the first 2,000 subscribers which suits many startups and businesses as a ‘starter’ service - It’s relatively easy for newbies to get started with Dislikes: - not great support for the service. They do have an extensive support library but always feels very hands off if you’re looking for specific help or to get in touch with anyone - doesn’t allow tagging or workflows which means that it can be difficult to filter your list and send messages to specific users based on actions they take - many businesses outgrow Mailchimp because they want to do more – in terms of workflows, automations and design - than the system is capable of - reporting is very basic Aweber Likes - this is a relatively cheap service that I first started using back when there weren’t many choices around what email marketing service to pick Dislikes - its not a very sophisticated setup and feels clunky to use ClickDimensions Like - I was working with a client that used Microsoft Dynamics and this was one of the few email marketing services that integrated seamlessly with it Dislike: - this is a clunky and confusing system that I wouldn’t recommend unless you are devoted to Dynamics and like the way it works. Things like design for emails, reporting and list management is all awkward and doesn’t have a lot of flexibility. Infusionsoft Like - there is no doubt that Infusionsoft offers a lot of flexibility with its tagging functionality and list management options. For example, a user can unsubscribe to receive information about a particular topic without unsubscribing altogether. Dislike: - cost – this is an expensive setup for most small businesses. There is a fee for setup and then an ongoing monthly fee based on the size of your database. - this is a sophisticated solution that requires specific expertise and you may need to hire an Infusionsoft specialist to help over and above the initial setup. - For all the bells and whistles with this service, it can’t remove duplicate email addresses as each subscriber is identified by a unique number and not their email address. **Active Campaign** Of all the services listed this is my preferred pick. I’ve been using it for several years. Like: - Easy to use and get started with - Good visibility of what is happening with automations - Can quickly make changes to automations and workflows - Easy to send newsletters to different lists or filter by tags - Provides room to grow as you decide what options you want to offer - Integrates easily with Wordpress via Thrive Themes - Will help to transfer your data across if you have an existing service - Support is excellent – quick responses and action oriented to get things moving asap - Not expensive or overly complicated making it ideal for small business owners - Good combination of a CRM and email marketing – can score prospects based on the actions they take so you can see which prospects are getting ‘warmer’ Dislike: - there is limited options for subscribers to manage the emails they receive - email editing is basic – for example, bullets are not included in the editor As I said at the start, three is no perfect system. You need to pick one that is going to meet most of your needs for the price you're prepared to pay. Good luck!
    Parth ShrivastavaAll Things B2B Marketing · Written
    Agree. ActiveCampaign is really really good. Their support is good as well and it is light on your pockets as well compared to other Marketing Automation Platforms.
  8. Bryce HamrickDigital Marketing & Product Strategy · Written
    Klaviyo is particularly good ad e-commerce email automation.
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    Polymail Sequences

    Simple, powerful multi-stage email campaigns has introduces Sequences a while ago. Quote: "Easiest, most effective way to send automated multi-stage email campaigns that connect with more prospects." It is also suitable for teams and provides data analytics.
  10. Raghu KLNHead of Marketing & Strategic Partners · Written
    Good features, highly recommended. Purely marketers products with drag and drop features!
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    Ivan Burban15CMO at Stripo · Written
    Flexible tool
  11. Manal SaadProject Manager-Media, The Social Studio · Written
    I'm into Digital Marketing and I'd recommend either replacing or integrating Messaging Apps marketing. They have much higher open rates and conversion. You need a chatbot to do so (check more info on Bot Academy). You can use DXwand, a chatbot tool that is built to help businesses expand with fewer costs.
  12. Himanshu RauthanDevelop Ecommerce Plugins & Themes. · Written
    Be an OpenSource, Mautic allows you to Automate your Marketing, personalise and automate your emails, grow your online sales, convert Abandoned Cart to Sales, Convert Delight and Repeat with Dynamic Coupons and much more..
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    SendX 2.0

    Growth tools & marketing automation for non-marketers

    Varun JainCo-Founder @ SendX ( ) · Written
    Varun Jain made this product
    SendX provides you a easy to use drag & drop editor, advanced segmentation capabilities, email personalisation and tracking. You can also use drip sequences, automation and workflow to put your marketing on auto-pilot mode. It also has AB testing, Smart Send ( resend to unopeners, geo send and smart send based on user open & click patterns ). In addition they provide landing page, popups, forms and web push notification for converting more of your website traffic into subscribers. Their product quality, pricing, set of tools and good email deliverability make them a solid choice for one of the best marketing automation tools especially for B2C companies.
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    Use surveys to generate more sales

    Grace McKenzieSurvey software...but for marketing. · Written
    Grace McKenzie made this product
    A great tool for keeping customers engaged, turning them into repeat customers and increasing overall sales. You can segment your email list/customer list based on their responses which means you can market to them more intelligently in the future and drive more conversions. Super easy to use with a drag and drop builder and a ton of great features.
  15. G. NARENDRA BABUSocial Media Specialist. · Written
    Having an excellent feature. Few are followed: Insanely Simple Drag & Drop Email Editor Responsive Email Templates Event-Based Campaign Geo Location Campaign Email Delivery Management Multiple Delivery Server Routing Google Analytics Tracking Integration Facebook Custom Ad Audience Integration Facebook Lead Ad Integration Zapier Integrations Etc.. Just have look
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    Stripo 2.0

    WYSIWYG editor for interactive AMP emails

    Hanna Kline made this product
    Use this one. it saves up to 60% of your time on email creation!
  17. Olga VakulenkoMarketing and Events · Written
    Olga Vakulenko made this product
    I suggest this one, drag&drop interface, all open API SaaS are possible to integrate and it's free for now :)
  18. Boris - We make ideas happen. · Written
    You should check out - A single platform to drive efficiency and effectiveness for Marketing, Sales Development, Closing and Success teams.