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What's the best app for managing social networks automatically

Is there any product out there that generate posts and publish them automatically on scheduled time to social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... ? The generated posts should be derived from other contents such as product descriptions (on ecommerce sites) or blog posts.
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    OneUp 2.0

    Schedule and automatically repeat posts on social media

    Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Davis Baer made this product
    OneUp makes it easy to automatically recycle your evergreen content on social media
    • Great tool for anyone who wants to easily manage social media accounts from small to large. Support is A-1: quick, accommodating, flexible and smart. I've tried a few different tools, and OneUp is the most comprehensive.

    • Ruslan Khisamov
      Ruslan KhisamovCDO, Shaker

      As an active user, I will say directly that such repetitive posts are very shaking and begin to look like spam

  2. 39

    Hand curated content suggestions for social media

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Sounds like you may want to pair Buffer and Quuu for finding content on different topics and automated posting. Here's some info to get started:
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    Daniel Kempe made this product
    Thanks for recommending Quuu. Some huge features in the works for Quuu. We've come a long way in the last 3 years :-)
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    Auto Publish for Instagram by Later

    Schedule Instagram posts - no notifications required!

    Huu Phong Nguyen
    Huu Phong NguyenEmbroidery Designer 🌈 · Written
    This app is really perfect for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.
    • Jonathan Price
      Jonathan PriceSales, Marketing & Events

      I'm using for one of my eCommerce side-projects and find it super useful for scheduling content across FB & IG. The search functionality is good although much less powerful since Instagram clamped down and changed their API. But despite the negative knock-on effect from the powers that be, this tool is still super useful for managing content schedule on IG...

    • Olivier
      Oliviercyboolo - Plateforme freelance

      I tried a lot of social media tools to manage emarketing for and "Later" is the best for my usage and I am really happy to discover it on Product Hunt.

  4. Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Connect all your different accounts and use Buffer to post across them together
    Alena Sergeeva
    Alena Sergeevaco-owner, Lemonade Coding Studio · Written
    A nice multi-task tool...
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    Team Collaboration by Viraltag

    Plan your social media strategy together as a team

    Shreyas Adiyodi
    Shreyas AdiyodiHead of Product at · Written
    Shreyas Adiyodi made this product
    Can schedule unlimited posts and also automatically recycle old content.
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    The command center for your social media team

    Xenia Muntean
    Xenia MunteanCEO @ Planable and Techstars alumna · Written
    Xenia Muntean made this product
    Perfect for managing your social media as a team.
    • James Qualtrough
      James QualtroughCo-Founder @

      I've used this for some time and love the platform. It's simple to use and has been expanded to cover all the main social channels we manage for clients.

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    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      I like two features: inviting teammates to approve posts and suggest edits, saving posts to public Facebook and Twitter pages that I do not own, so that these can be chosen to be published or not by the page's owner on their Planable account.

  7. Alena Sergeeva
    Alena Sergeevaco-owner, Lemonade Coding Studio · Written
    That's a perfect tool for a WP site! Very flexible settings fro schedules, multi-queues, pin templates, etc.
  8. Martin Tonev
    Martin TonevCEO&CTO at · Written
    Martin Tonev made this product
    Check this out
    Do My Linh
    Do My LinhMình là giáo viên Yoga thích đồ gỗ · Written
    looks great!
  9. Jakub Olan
    Jakub OlanCEO & Founder of REKTRA Network · Written
    In my opinion, Hootsuite has great functions, I use it and I'm satisfied with Hootsuite.
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    Planable 2.0

    Collaborate on any social content, from anywhere

    Vlad Calus
    Vlad Calus9CMO at Planable · Written
    It's the easiest one to use especially for teams as it allows you to get feedback & approval on all the content you're publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It helps you preview the content exactly the way it will look like before publishing any content.
    • Alin B
      Alin BStartups, b2b & growth marketing

      Finally the team at Planable finally released their long awaited mobile app so SM teams can review and approve on the go. If you're in the digital field you should definitely give it a try!

    • Jens Polomski
      Jens PolomskiOnline Marketing Geek from Germany

      Planable is just great! Using it for a few months now already. Finaly, there is the app! :) I can´t wait for more features just like posting out of your app and so on.

      Great job guys, keep up the good work!

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    Postcron: Scheduler for Instagram

    Schedule Instagram posts & stories without notifications

    Lucas Emma made this product
    Hey @son_vu you can try Postcron for scheduling on every social Network: Instagram (Feed & Stories), Facebook (pages, and groups) Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, & Pinterest It's really easy to use, and will help you save tons of time!
    • Mirella Amaral
      Mirella Amaral~ your vibe attracts your tribe ~

      I've been using the tool for over a year now and I love how much it's improved since. Support is very responsive and is always interested in feedback. I first bought a monthly membership, and when I decided it was the right fit for me I went annual for the pricing. Definitely worth it!

    • Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli
      Mariano Rodriguez ColombelliBeamer, Hibox & Joincube creator

      Great product! Been using Postcron for a while to manage our SaaS feeds in several social networks. Cool features and a better team. Totally recomendable! Congrats on the launch @lucasemma!

    G. NARENDRA BABUSocial Media Specialist. · Written
    Features are amazing and not much cost burden for Startups and SMBs.
  13. Isaac Ralph Gabriel
    Isaac Ralph GabrielBlogger and Social Media Manager · Written
    Isaac Ralph Gabriel made this product
    Hey, Clariti brings all your communication to one platform. Check this cool tool you can receive both emails and tweets in one single system. It is very very easy to configure and use.
  14. Nishita Gupta
    Nishita Guptahappy to happy always happy · Written
    its features are amazing