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Melanie Krohn
Melanie KrohnProject Manager, Bozell

What are your favorite little-known iOS apps?

I am not looking for things like Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but I love discovering new apps that are useful/fun/intuitive / etc... Recommend away!
Top recommendations
085b9a94-6c2f-4cab-be05-60dfa498bfac.pngTaskade 3.0 All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!
4bc6637d-a4f0-4ecb-93c7-cc3a19d9ce92.pngForest Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵
NoteLedge Take better notes, your way
  1. Bill Stathopoulos
    Bill StathopoulosDirector Strategy & Content @ Ad World 👍

    What is your favorite marketing automation software? 🤖

    I'm looking for all the available alternatives out there. The requirements are that it has to be relatively cost-effective, be able to track (or integrate with software that tracks) website visits, and offer more than one ways of communication (e.g. email, chat widget).
  2. Eithiriel DeMeré
    Eithiriel DeMeréGo-to-Market Product Marketer

    What products make you feel warm and fuzzy?

    Your favorite products that make you happy because they’re cute.
  3. What is the best app for reading and organizing all of your newsletter subscriptions?

    My inbox is starting to become pretty cluttered with all of my newsletter subscriptions. Is there an app out there that handles newsletter subscriptions?
  4. Ena Jovovic
    Ena JovovicBuilding products on the beach...

    What is the best product to share bookmarks and resources between people?

    Links, articles, images etc. with also the ability to organize it in context and share it with people and team members?
  5. Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesigner @ Snyk - Ex Product Hunt

    What's the best service for collecting screenshots of websites for inspiration?

    Ideally looking for something that works on both mac and windows 🙏
  6. Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer.

    What are some good resources to learn UI and UX Design?

    For beginners who'd like to work on UI or UX... I'm looking for something like what FreeCodeCamp offers for web development.
  7. Ernest Semerda
    Ernest SemerdaCofounder of (YC W17)

    What is truly the best productivity app?

    One you use at least twice per day for few months now and has had a dramatic impact on how you get stuff done.
  8. What's a good product for customer support?

    Looking for a reliable, well designed product that can support the following: 1. Multiple inboxes - gmails, emails, google groups 2. Knowledge base(s) 3. Teams 4. Features like - tagging conversations/notes, Internal Notes, Saved replies, Assign mails/messages 5. Can have customer data from our database 6. Integrates with live chat 7. Cost-effective (one that charges per user) reliable, well designed product
  9. Pascal Briod
    Pascal BriodHead of Product & Co-Founder, Monito

    What are the best tools for team weekly/daily updates?

    We're looking for a tool that could remind each member of the team to share his weekly updates before a certain deadline and then share the digest of updates with the whole team. For now we've built a simple slack bot with Zapier, but I'm wondering if there would be better solutions.
  10. Andrew W Hill
    Andrew W HillCo-founder & CEO at Textile

    What are the best tools to replace the whiteboard for remote teams?

    Our team gets together regularly and when we do the whiteboard is such a central tool. I'm curious if any other teams have found one or two tools to get the job done while not in the same room.
  11. Joe Martin
    Joe MartinVP at Scorpion

    What are your favorite productivity apps?

    My productivity stack... Slack, ToDoist, HelloSign, CloudApp, Zapier, G-Suite, Trello. What else should I give a try?
  12. Frédéric Renken
    Frédéric RenkenProduct at Superhuman

    What's the best VPN?

    I'm looking for an always-on VPN with reliable connection and minimal speed loss.
  13. Avad
    AvadCurious | Explorer

    What are your best productivity tools?

    There are tons of tools out there. But which ones do you recommend best?
  14. Eitan Katz
    Eitan KatzTechnophile, Entrepreneur, investor

    Best VPN client

    I'm looking for a VPN service for all my devices. Which one are the best and in what way: price, will not sell my data, speed etc.
  15. Austin
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab

    What are some of the best tools to help plan a vacation itinerary?

    Your destination is set, your flight is booked - now what? Looking for some smart tools/resources to help plan what to do, where to eat and where to stay. Google searching, scouring traditional travel sites, and reading reviews on Trip Advisor, etc. are tedious and unhelpful (IMO). Are there any truly great resources that utilize algorithms, VR/AR, custom recommendations, etc? Google Trips is a start, but there's so much room to grow. Is anyone truly disrupting the s**t out of travel prep?
  16. Marco Marandiz
    Marco Marandizfounder of drop party

    What's the best productivity tool for product managers?

    I have multiple people that I have to follow up with and multiple features and stories that need development and iteration. Keeping track of it all is not easy, and I want to be more organized than using an ever more crowded note taking app.
  17. Rohith Darisa
    Rohith DarisaProduct and Growth Enthusiast

    How can I live a nomad life (everything from remote work to travel)?

    Please recommendation any products that really help. I am looking for life journey based complete recommendations. Something which has good conversions to try out or anything that helps well.