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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréSaaS Consultant & Community Growth

What are your favorite glitch apps?

I love glitch art! Share your favorite apps with me. 💜
Top recommendations
Glitch Wizard Create trippy glitch photos and animated GIFs
Glitché Turn images into pixelated, glitched-out works of art (iOS)
HYPERSPEKTIV A video & photo app that distorts reality in real-time
  1. Ben HowdleSoftware Engineering consultant

    Should I abandon a functioning SaaS with no paying users?

    I'm the creator of Ekko - | - "Create your business website in seconds, using your Facebook page". Me: I'm a full-time software consultant (, Ekko was intended as a side-project to generate passive income, not to be a fully fledged startup from day 1. My aim was/is to make it incredibly simple for small businesses to create and keep their business website online and updated. The user connects their Facebook Page to my service, picks a theme and their new site is online. Every time they update their FB Page, the website (on my service) is instantly updated. This part is free, as you have a subdomain URL. To add a custom domain, it's a monthly fee. I launched the SaaS in early 2017 and spent 3 months promoting/pushing it out to my networks online. This led to a lot of positive feedback, but almost zero paying customers (in fact, only 1 person ever paid, then subsequently cancelled their subscription due to budgetary reasons). Since then, I've occasionally tweeted about it, and gone through various phases of motivation to properly push/advertise/market it, but that side of it feels completely unnatural to me, I'm far more happier sitting behind the screen, building the product. It gathers 1-2 sign ups a week, but zero conversions. My specific question is, what the heck do I do with it? In my opinion, it is my most complete piece of software that I've released. Everything works nicely, payment integrations with Stripe and GoCardless, domains through DNSimple, themes are just a set of React Components, so they'd be easy for people to build. It seems a real shame for it to be sat online, doing very little. I really don't want to abandon/take it down, because I spent a lot of time building it. Should I try and sell it? Should I just give up? Am I missing something blatantly obvious? If anyone's got any advice, broad/specific/big/small, I'm all ears. If you want to drop me an email, I'm at
  2. GinaUnexpected Love

    New product for stepmoms

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of creating a new product for stepmoms. It’s a blended family journal to help cultivate positive thinking, invest in personal growth, mindfulness and gratitude. The journal provides a safe space to capture blended family memories, the good and the bad, on a weekly basis with thought-provoking prompts. What are your first thoughts?
  3. Nick LucasEngineering Manager, InstaBrand

    Whats a good app for talking to a psychologist?

    As a digital nomad I'm never in one city for to long, I'm looking for an app where I can talk to a psychologist remotely to help with sorting out mental questions and therapy.
  4. Sungho YahngLearnObit

    Do you know any unexpected '- as a service'?

    Some -aas come to mind to me. 1) Boss as a service 2) Ecamb - silicon valley co-founder as a service 3) Startup As a Service 4) - analytics as a service 5) - automate as a service 6) manypixels, etc - graphic design as a service 7) - technical partner as a service Is there anything else you know?
  5. Ayush ChandraResearch Intern & Tech Evangelist

    What are some chatbots that can be easily integrated into Wordpress?

    Hey there I'm looking for chatbots which can be used with Wordpress system ? Thanks 😊
  6. Patrick Onyekachukwu UdehDigital Vigilante

    What's the one app you discovered on ProductHunt and have been using ever since?

    What product(s) did you first learn about on that you currently use frequently and are grateful for?
  7. Nick TimmsDrag is live today (12th July)!

    What is the best way to share your inbox with your team?

    Looking for opinions on the best tools to share an inbox. Outlook does it and there are some third party tools. What does everyone use?
  8. Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager

    What are the best alternatives for photoshop?

    Suggest alternatives apps for photoshop?
  9. VictorEntrepreneur, Coder, Consultant

    What is the best platform to build a chatbot?

    As a B2B company designing and building softwares for business customers, I would like to know which is the best platform to build a chatbot on. Ideally, this platform would provide me with an API so I could integrate the chat part in any other app. Multilingual support is important to me
  10. bettyFounder @MiaoAcademy

    What is the easiest tool to create GIFs? 🤔

    I am creating some simple gifs for marketing use but find it a bit troublesome using Photoshop, any simple ways to create Gifs? 🤷
  11. ✍️

    What are some risks of software development outsourcing?

    How do you minimize risks when you outsource software development?
  12. Nayan KumarEntrepreneur

    As a start-up, what was the first SaaS product you paid for?

    Trying to nail down the most valuable SaaS tools used among early-stage start-ups.
  13. ✍️

    What are some good books for non-technical CEOs about engineering and product development?

    As a non-technical CEO, what are some books that I can read to help me understand the processes with product and engineering teams better and be of more help to our CTO and CPO?
  14. MaheShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer

    What is the best app to track and manage daily routine/schedule?

    I know there is Trello as all-in-one management app, but I am looking specifically made app for this very purpose!
  15. Arthur West IVTechnology Enthusiast, Active Learner.

    What is best bootcamp/course/tool for learning to code?

    For absolute beginners w/out any experience, what does the PH community recommend?
  16. Dustin McCaffreeFounder & CTO @ Rocket Note

    What are the best web apps for taking notes on videos?

    I don't know what other products do it, but I made one for YouTube specifically. Does anyone do this for ALL online videos?
  17. Matthew SmithDesigner | Inventor | Entrepreneur

    What tool do you use to create your contracts with clients?

    How often do you have to use their contract instead of yours? Is there an online tool for any of this process you love using?
  18. What's the best project management app/software with Gantt chart feature?

    Looking for an affordable project manager (not Asana) with a gantt chart feature.