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Is there a tool that would allow a group to create a list with upvote functionality?For context, I'd like to crowdsource a list of favorite books among a group of friends and allow people to upvote books they like.
Nick deWildeProgram Director @ Tradecraft · Asked
What´s the best platform for getting freelancers for doing any on-site tech work?I need a tool to get some freelancers to get some IT work done in different sites locations, which tool can I use to find and manage them?
JaviperezOwner and CEO, It24 Inc. · Asked
Are there recommendations for mobile market place pricing?Are there pricing thresholds for purchases made on mobile devices? For example, do mobile purchases drop off for a product priced at $100 compared to $75. Do consumers prefer to buy expensive items on desktops as opposed to mobile devices?
Joshua BivinsProduct Manager, Helix · Asked
What's an online tool with collaboration and robust track changes (think MS Word) for presentations?We currently are using Google Slides, but there is no track changes feature in this to see when someone changes a line of text or updates an image. Is there an add-on for Slides that adds this functionality or another similar tool that can track chan… See more
Justin MitchellDesigning Products at · Asked
Does anybody know of a backpack with an integrated battery for recharging cameras and drones?I'm looking for a backpack integrated with a charging solution for on the go!
PAFounder + Designer at DesignCue · Asked
What is the best prototyping tool directly in Sketch app?Hey everyone! I'm looking for a rapid prototyping tool to create prototypes directly in Sketch app, fast and easy to share. Pass me your suggestions. 🤘🏼
Yigit PinarbasiFreelance Designer, Design Lead @epcsht · Asked
What's the best tool to easily collaborate and deliver work (marketing documents) with our clients?I am a content marketer at a marketing agency who wants a product that will allow me to easily collaborate on the work we produce and then deliver it to our clients. We also want to get feedback from our clients on this work.
RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Edited
Is there an app or software that lets you run a website directory?I'm starting a directory website for businesses. Is there app or software that will allow someone to come to the site, enter their info into a form and then have their business info appear automatically on the website?
What are the best tech gifts under $75?I'm hosting a conference and having about 30ish guests I'd like to give a gift for and looking for a relatively cheap and useful tech gift that everyone would enjoy. Ideas welcome!
What's the best image viewer for Windows?A simple image viewer with basic commands and editing (rotate images, etc)
João SantosGrowth Hacker @ Storyo · Asked
What is the best pdf viewer for Windows?I'm looking for a simple, lightweight pdf viewer with the basic options that is easy to open and load.
João SantosGrowth Hacker @ Storyo · Asked
Does a service exist for having anonymous AMA's?I'd love to see a service where a user can describe themselves in 1 sentence which kicks off an anonymous AMA. I think this would remove a lot of biases and allow for a more focused conversation. Does anything like this exist?
Dane LyonsCofounder, · Edited
What is the best Garage Door Opener/Gadget/Thingy that works with Apple HomeKit?I'm looking for an equivalent to August door lock, but for a garage door.
Matija AbicicHead of Product Strategy at Sysrepublic · Asked
What's the best affiliate system for custom quotes?Hello Team, we're a web design agency and we're planning to launch a new product WordPress help, and we're looking for best affiliate system software/service where our partners can get paid for any referrals. The big difference, that customers will… See more