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scott pentonWeb Designer - SEO

What is the best app for making newsletters?

Looking for the best app for making and sending a newsletter
Top recommendations
Revue Easily create an engaging, gorgeous, weekly digest Free email template builder for designers and developers
GoodBits Create newsletters from the best links on the web
  1. Best To Do app that doesn't have a subscription model?

    Currently have too many yearly subscriptions and hoping there's something like Todoist.
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    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréCo-Founder

    What are some alternatives to Mailchimp? What are your experiences with them?

    Mailchimp is good but I'd love to try other providers. 😊 Thanks!
  3. What private VPN would you recommend?

    Looking for tool recommendations to keep data safe from the prying eyes of ISVs.
  4. 89421

    What are some apps you use every day with your remote team?

    I'm looking for tools that remote teams can't live without
  5. Where are good places to look for jobs in tech?

    I'm looking for sites or services that are good for finding open roles. So far, I've seen:, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed - which ones am I missing?
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    Chase WilliamsManaging Partner - Market My Market

    What are the best tools for automating social media growth?

    I've used Crowdfire for Twitter, but looking for something more automated like Instagress for Instagram. What other tools are out there that can automate growth? (not posting)
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    David SpinksCEO, CMX Media

    What's one app you use a lot, that most people don't know about?

    Could be a new product, or one that's been around for a while, but has flown under the radar.
  8. What are the best tools to collect documents from clients?

    I’m looking for a solution to easily collect documents. Currently I’m using email and Whatsapp, but then I have to organize everything in other cloud services. What are your fav Apps?
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    Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker

    What is your favorite todo list?

    Simplicity is better, some sort of mobile interface is good.
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    Ivan DimitrovGrowth Hacker @ pCloud

    What are your favourite Mac apps?

    What are your favorite Mac app/s and why?
  11. 1426223
    Gladys Elviraadventurer enthusiast

    What is the best app for travellers? Especially when you want to plan your trip?

    I'm looking for itineraries and where I can find references for my trip (it will be much better if they also get tips from fellow travellers).
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    JohnsonStop talking, Start doing

    What's the best app for managing social networks automatically

    Is there any product out there that generate posts and publish them automatically on scheduled time to social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... ? The generated posts should be derived from other contents such as product descriptions (on ecommerce sites) or blog posts.
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    Nour AlkhatibProduct Manager

    What are the best tools or services for relocation?

    I'm wondering if there are any tools/services that help people who are relocating to new places to find services they need like banks, mobile services, internet ... etc?
  14. 407310

    What's a good tool for sharing resources & tutorials among team members?

    Not sure if something like this exists, but I'm looking for a simple tool to share images, files, code snippets, links and also be able to write short notes so everyone on the team can have access to it. Should not be limited to one project only. E.g. I would like to write a brief note with some steps on how to configure a web server and have a place to store it so other team members can find it later. It's like Gist for snippets, but not only limited to code snippets. Should have an easy and simple way of searching (tags or keywords?) As a plus, would be great to include markdown support! Does anyone know something like that?
  15. ✍️

    What are the best product management books for newbies and aspirants?

    What are the best product management books for newbies and aspirants?
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    Gezim HoxhaFounder, Zip Recipes

    What's the best email client for business?

    With email clients being bought out (Astro) and stopping development (Newton, Nylas), what's the best remaining email client for business? For me features that are required are: - fast (keyboard shortcuts, etc) - email snooze - send later - remind if no replies after X time (Newton ticked off all these and I sorely miss it :()
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    Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager

    Which apps do you use on a daily basis?

    Suggest some apps that you need everyday and makes your routine life easy and interesting.