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Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom

What are the best SEO tools are you using in your projects?

Just share your "must" SEO tools and give advices, product recommendations for others.
Top recommendations
ahrefs Count and analyze backlinks to a domain
Google Trends A new experience to explore what the world is searching 🔎📈📊
Dareboost: Website Speed Comparison Check how fast your website is against your competitors
  1. Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media

    What's the best Help Desk software in 2018?

    I'm looking to bring order to chaos of our Customer Success team. Currently we have 6 people on the team and do not use any kind of ticketing software, nor project management software. We use Base CRM with both the Sales and Customer Success Teams, and everyone uses Slack internally. In our business we want our Customer Success Managers to develop personal, ongoing relationships with around 150 clients they are assigned to. To do so they schedule kickoff / check-in calls (proactive), and receive incoming support emails (reactive). Inbound (reactive) support requests go directly to their work emails right now. I am looking for tools to help us better track / analyze how our team is doing at responding to requests and fixing things in a timely fashion. Also would like to be able to assign them tasks related to a certain customers account, and be able to make sure it gets done. Good suggestions/recommendations could be really lightweight apps/tools, or something more robust like a full ticketing system. Open to just about anything ya'll recommend!
  2. Seb Dancer-MichelCreative developer Intern @ Your Majesty

    What are some good, lightweight, open-source alternatives to Google Analytics?

    I'm looking to get rid of Google Analytics (too much added loading time for my websites). Do you have any in mind?
  3. CharlotteFull Stack Web developer, Slaask Inc.

    What are the best free project management applications for personal use?

    After trying several project management tools, I still have not really found the one that suits me. In the best case, I'm looking for a rather complete tool, easy to use, visually beautiful, but also with task status management (in progress, finished, not started ...) other than with labels or tags. I am also looking for a tool available on the web as well as on Android. Free if possible! Thank you :)
  4. Docusign alternatives?

    Is there a cheaper or better option out there?
  5. aracenaLearning.

    What was the last app that blew you away?

    What was last app that blew your mind, what was so mind blowing about it?
  6. Lauren HollidayFounder,

    Where do you buy stuff for your dog online?

    Do you buy stuff for your dog online? If so, what do you buy, and where do you shop?
  7. What's the best software for Pomodoro technique?

    I'm trying Pomodoro Technique to reduce the impact of my mind.
  8. What are some good products to build a great resume?

    Need some good resumes and matter for my own resume. Please suggest and help
  9. Sarvasv Kulpati16 y/o who makes things.

    What are some extremely simple products that you use everyday?

    I'm looking for the products that are so obvious or simple that people usually don't make them, but fix such nagging problems that you still use them today.
  10. Jordan FordDesigner & Front-end Dev

    What are the best apps for email management?

    Our business is receiving a few customer service emails a day. What are the simplest tools to track these?
  11. Dawni am not a robot

    I am looking for a web album like Picasa used to be.

    How can I share photo albums, that sync with a desktop folder, but allow captions under images while in album view? I can only seem to find one feature or the other at a time. Web or Windows.
  12. Glen BeamsonTechy Geek

    What are the best platforms or apps for organising your contacts?

    I find that I am always getting duplicates and then getting mixed up between who I have natively and who I have in Linked In, Facebook etc
  13. Ruzanna AvetisyanGrowth Hacker, PR Ninja

    Any recommendation on apps to create high quality GIFs?

    I am looking for a good GIF maker. Who can help me with this?
  14. Ben HowdleSoftware Engineering consultant

    Should I abandon a functioning SaaS with no paying users?

    I'm the creator of Ekko - | - "Create your business website in seconds, using your Facebook page". Me: I'm a full-time software consultant (, Ekko was intended as a side-project to generate passive income, not to be a fully fledged startup from day 1. My aim was/is to make it incredibly simple for small businesses to create and keep their business website online and updated. The user connects their Facebook Page to my service, picks a theme and their new site is online. Every time they update their FB Page, the website (on my service) is instantly updated. This part is free, as you have a subdomain URL. To add a custom domain, it's a monthly fee. I launched the SaaS in early 2017 and spent 3 months promoting/pushing it out to my networks online. This led to a lot of positive feedback, but almost zero paying customers (in fact, only 1 person ever paid, then subsequently cancelled their subscription due to budgetary reasons). Since then, I've occasionally tweeted about it, and gone through various phases of motivation to properly push/advertise/market it, but that side of it feels completely unnatural to me, I'm far more happier sitting behind the screen, building the product. It gathers 1-2 sign ups a week, but zero conversions. My specific question is, what the heck do I do with it? In my opinion, it is my most complete piece of software that I've released. Everything works nicely, payment integrations with Stripe and GoCardless, domains through DNSimple, themes are just a set of React Components, so they'd be easy for people to build. It seems a real shame for it to be sat online, doing very little. I really don't want to abandon/take it down, because I spent a lot of time building it. Should I try and sell it? Should I just give up? Am I missing something blatantly obvious? If anyone's got any advice, broad/specific/big/small, I'm all ears. If you want to drop me an email, I'm at
  15. GinaUnexpected Love

    New product for stepmoms

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of creating a new product for stepmoms. It’s a blended family journal to help cultivate positive thinking, invest in personal growth, mindfulness and gratitude. The journal provides a safe space to capture blended family memories, the good and the bad, on a weekly basis with thought-provoking prompts. What are your first thoughts?
  16. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréCo-Founder

    What are your favorite glitch apps?

    I love glitch art! Share your favorite apps with me. 💜
  17. Nick LucasEngineering Manager, InstaBrand

    Whats a good app for talking to a psychologist?

    As a digital nomad I'm never in one city for to long, I'm looking for an app where I can talk to a psychologist remotely to help with sorting out mental questions and therapy.