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What is the best bookmark/link sharing tool?I would like to share content and comments with minimal onboarding. Suggestions?
samAssistant Principal. Reader. Writer. · Asked
What is the best accounting software for freelancers working with several currencies?I'm a freelancer under the french "auto-entrepreneur" / sole proprietorship status and I work with clients internationally that I charge mostly through Paypal and Stripe in USD and EUR and I pay my taxes in France
Bryan M. BlanchotGen Z Growth Hacker · Edited
What are your favorite project management tools?What features do you find you use the most? or find you can't do without in project management Tools?
Eighty9 💻Web Developer · Edited
What is a good SaaS product for creating/managing documentation for your app or product?I did some research here on Product Hunt but most of the nice ones are more for API documentation and kinda expensive.
Sébastien BarrauCo-founder, htmlsig and passpass · Edited
Is there a way to "mute" push notifications (💻 and/or 📱) for some time?Is there a way to "mute" push notifications for some time, either desktop and/or mobile, like we do with messaging apps?
Diogo UzedaDesigner / entrepreuner · Asked
What's the best collaborative calendar?I need a calendar where a team of a dozen or so can all share relevant dates and content notes seen by the whole group. Is Google Calendar the best way to do this?
Hash_tag_jeffBook Marketing and PR - get in touch · Asked
What is the best Mixpanel alternative?I'm looking for a Mixpanel alternative. I want save (anonymous) user-profiles and send them push-notifications.
Björn AntonissenDesigner & Developer · Asked
What's the best library to create hierarchy flowcharts for web?I'm looking at hierarchy flowchart library to implement in our SAAS product.
Rahul RGCEO, · Edited
Is there a bot for learning Amazon Lex?I want to learn how to build a bot using Amazon Lex and I was just wonderful if there was a bot (maybe build with Lex) for learning how to build a Lex bot
Mathias ElmoseEducational Developer · Asked