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What are some good communication scheduling apps?

Top recommendations
Doodle Doodle simplifies scheduling.
Calendly Simple, beautiful scheduling.
SQEDit Scheduling App Effortlessly manage your communication, in one simple place
  1. What is the best meeting scheduler for teams?

    I am looking for a tool that would integrate with my team member's calendar a easily find free spots we can meet and then send those free spots to pick from to other person we need to meet with. Thanks for your help
  2. Greg Moore
    Greg Moore

    What tools do you use to collect, organize, and visualize product feedback?

    Organizing product feedback from users, sales, marketing, and CS leads to having notes in a million different places. I'm curious if there's a tool that helps collect everything in one place, makes it easy to organize, and visual represents what you've collected.
  3. Will Brennan
    Will BrennanDesigner

    What are the best tools for doing freelance creative work?

    Up to this point I've only ever done full-time work as a designer, but am now dipping my toes into freelance work on the side. What are the best tools for getting started, i.e. tax tools, invoices, time tracking, etc. Is there a one-stop solution for all of this?
  4. Manuel
    ManuelLaw student, cereal lover, internet fan.

    What is the best app to stay focused while studying?

    Especially looking for an iOS/Watch/Mac app, which logs my productive hours while I study for University.
  5. Dee Mirai
    Dee MiraiBroadcast Philosopher @ Cialfo

    What's the best team wiki/documentation tool?

    I'm looking for an easy to use tool to house information that all my team can access and edit. Google Drive doesn't cut it for us and Confluence is overkill.
  6. What has been the most useful product for you and why?

    Product Hunt gathers thousand of products or services if you could choose only one what would it be. Looking forward to trying your favourite one !! Personally, the one I discovered on Product Hunt and I have used the most is:
  7. Ishwar Jha
    Ishwar JhaDigital Transformation Evangelist

    What are the top code editors that make developer life easy?

    There are so many IDEs and Codie editors around. Most of them sucks and complicate life. I want to know the best editor that helps you create more code and oases hassle.
  8. What's the best Pomodoro timer?

    I want to try this time management technique to see if it will make me more productive.
  9. What is the best team chat solution? and why?

    Slack gets a lot of BUZZ but there are other solutions like Skype for Business and Atlassian Hipchat. I wonder what is the best and why you think that.
  10. Stepan Isaenco
    Stepan IsaencoDigital Marketing / Growth Hacking

    What apps do you use for a road trip?

    The most useful apps that you consider when you have a long car ride. Probably those are different types of maps, offline catalogues, safety apps.
  11. Rohit Alexander
    Rohit AlexanderHunt to survive.

    What's a good app to quickly share copied text, links, etc., between an iMac and an iPhone?

    I currently use PushBullet, but the app developer has not updated it in a while. Looking for an alternative with the same features; primarily quick sharing between devices. Apple does have Handoff for their ecosystem but, I also need a history of shared items that I might sometimes need to revisit which they do not provide.
  12. Rupa
    RupaProduct Manager

    What are your favorite Chrome Extensions for productivity? 💻⚒📈

    Could be any Chrome Extension that saves you time and effort. I use the "goog.l URL shortener" when sharing long links.
  13. What is the best tool to manage meetings?

    Looking for best meeting apps that can create an agenda and everyone can contribute to it before the meeting starts. Log the comments, decisions, and follow-ups.
  14. Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt

    [Designers] What are your must-have Mac apps?

    What apps are you using every day that you simply can't design without? From workflow to inspiration...
  15. Chen Friedman
    Chen FriedmanMarketer, Knowledge Freak, Geek

    What are the best Google Chrome extensions you know and use daily?

    I am always on the look for a new tool to make my day slightly (or more :) better. From productivity tools (ex: Boomerang), to UX-related (ex: Adblock), to performance (ex: The Great Suspender), I've tried it all. Or have I? Please share with me the browser extension(s) that completes you ;) Thank you so much in advance.
  16. Ryzal Yusoff
    Ryzal YusoffFounder of Veggsocial

    What is your favourite knowledge base app?

    Which online tools you guys use to make knowledge base or FAQs for your products?
  17. João Paulo
    João PauloSr. Lead UX Designer @ ContaAzul

    What are the best tools for mapping user journey/user flow?

    Which tools (online or not, in this case must be for mac) you guys use to make user journey or user flows?