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Ben Terry
Ben TerryCreative Director, Access Ventures

Best apps and tools for managing/working at a co-working space?

I'm looking to find what's out there to help manage our co-working space or apps/tools that members of coworking spaces love using.
Top recommendations
Coworkies Jobs Jobs in coworking spaces
Recruitee A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool
Focuster Ditch your todo list for an intelligent schedule
  1. Jake Mor
    Jake MorFounder @ Moonset Labs

    What's the best online banking platform for new startups?

    I recently started a new company and just received my Tax ID # from the IRS. I'm now looking to open a bank account. Is there a way to do this purely online?
  2. What websites and apps do you use to plan travel?

    Where do you get inspiration? How do you aggregate information? What do you use while you're traveling?
  3. dimitar inchev
    dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies &

    Do you have a favorite traveling app?

    What are the apps that add value to your travels? In terms of saving time, having a good time, meeting locals, finding local deals?
  4. Frank Corso
    Frank CorsoEntrepreneur, Educator, Event Organizer

    What is your go-to uptime monitor?

    I'm looking to get uptime monitoring set up for my dozen or so sites and am trying to see which is the best for the price.
  5. Joseph Wood
    Joseph WoodSocial Media Coordinator

    Favorite app for tracking daily activities/habits?

    I use Productive, but feel it's just a little lacking. Streaks is good, but again a little lacking. I want something that has my habits, biometric info (heart rate from Apple Watch, steps, water intake from Waterminder, etc.) all in one place. I can find great apps for tracking some of this info individually, but not all in one place.
  6. Luigi Aditiarama
    Luigi AditiaramaPeople say I talk a lot.

    What highlighting tools for Mac that I can use when I demo my product?

    I need a tool to draw boxes, pointers, etc when I demo a product. It should freeze the active screen and allows me to draw boxes and arrows while I talk through the features of my product.
  7. Brok J
    Brok JSoftware Engineer

    Best Google Chrome extensions for productivity?

    What are the best Google Chrome Extension to increase team efficiency and productivity.
  8. Ben Clark
    Ben Clarkprofessional scratch dev

    Just bought a Mac, what apps should I install?

    I bought an iMac and it's great, what should I install on it?
  9. Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt

    What design podcasts are you listening to?

    Looking for new podcasts, specifically around product design & business. Thank you, PH!
  10. J Martin
    J MartinCEO @ Aluxion Labs

    What are the best tools for SEO reports?

    I'm looking a tools for improve my positioning in Google. Thanks!
  11. Qaunain Meghjee
    Qaunain MeghjeeHead of Technology @ Level39

    What's the best live chat tool for websites?

    Looking for a good live chat tool for a website, bonus if it's cost effective. I know @Intercom is the business and noticed there are lots of cool competitors like @crisp_im. Main feature set should include auto popups bots, multi-agent collaboration, integration into a support ticketing system (if there isn't that tracking system built in) and ability to capture respondents details automatically.
  12. Muhammad Saad Khan
    Muhammad Saad KhanGrowth Hacker, Cloudways

    What are some great career pages of progressive tech companies?

    What elements should be there to make an amazing career page. What are some career pages you like of some tech companies?
  13. Luka
    Luka@lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta

    What's a tool for mapping out processes?

    Normally I use a MindMap like or PowerPoint, but I want something a bit more flexible for mapping out certain processes, like a decision tree, or steps to complete something. Does anyone have a tool in mind that does that well? Xcode does that pretty well on the Main Story Board, but I want something that's not Xcode (as I'm not mapping out an iOS app!) Thanks community :)
  14. Jonathan Raney
    Jonathan RaneyRevolutionizing Sales

    What tools or software does your sales team use?

    We are developing some software/tools for sales reps and sales teams and I'd love to hear what other startups are using for sales enablement. What software's would you recommend other startups using to help boost sales?
  15. Alessia Jordan
    Alessia JordanCo-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

    What live chat tool would you recommend?

    I want to install a live chat tool on my website