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Eric WilsonProduct Lead & Co-founder,
I'm looking for ways to automate employee onboarding and provide a great experience to new hires. Anything from organizing the process to automatically sending emails or creating accounts.
Top recommendations
Rippling Throw away your new hire on-boarding checklist ✅
ChiefOnboarding for Slack Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you
Trello Organize anything, together
  1. Veasna OnnBuilding Something Useful
    I'm trying to connect with some top influencers in specific fields for my new project and Quora and Google doesn't appear to be effective. Are there any other resources out there to use?
  2. Ben TossellSomething new
    You know you see those products and think FUCK why didn't I launch that!!! yeah, that.
  3. More and more people have started to cover up their laptop cameras. I've seen more than one person use a piece of masking tape to cover their laptop camera. While it works, it looks terrible. Was wondering if the community had any recommendations for something that was functional and well designed?
  4. Pulkit AgrawalCEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
    Recommend the product and describe the shortcut. Let's create a great repository for improving our workflows! For starters: to insert links into Google Apps (email, docs etc.), highlight the word you want to hyperlink and then hit CMD + K. Also works in some other places, such as Intercom. Saves me much mouse action 🐹
  5. Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer
    Looking for AR apps that are live in the App Store, not just prototypes.
  6. R A I Z A🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji
    Share some apps that have a great first time user experience!
  7. What are the things that you like to have in an office, workspace, or desk that makes your day better? Suggestions could range from anything like services, electronics/gadgets, software, snacks and beverages, etc.
  8. Patrick CinesMobile BizDev @ Google
    I'm moving to a new city and I don't want to use Craigslist to find a stranger. What are the best apps to find roommates?
  9. Saju AbrahamProduct Lead, Left Media
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are definitely getting noticed because of their rising prices. But understanding the blockchain and its potential to be the next big disruption for apps and services is still relatively complex and vast. Are there any recommendations for reading or listening material to understand this better, starting at the basics?
  10. I want to see some of the great uses of the touchbar on my Mac.
  11. Chad WhitakerDesign at Product Hunt
    My niece just received a Cardboard VR and asked me which iOS or Android VR apps she should start with. Help me maintain my "favorite uncle" status! 😄
  12. Any app that helps you take care of yourself and stay on task.
  13. R A I Z A🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji
    iPhone season is here 📱 What's your #1 app on iOS for new iPhone users / apps even 🍎 veterans might not know about?
  14. Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
    I'm outfitting a home office and looking for an affordable, motorized standing desk (sub-$500 but ideally much cheaper).
  15. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréModerator at Product Hunt
    Specifically for newsletters and not e-mail marketing in general.
  16. I have little experience shopping online. How would I find places that have clothes that fit really well? thinking jeans, solid colored tees/button-downs, a bomber/hoodie. taking all suggestions!
  17. Alex ShyeEng @ClincAI
    There are a lot of options out there. Platforms are being created to let anyone create a great newsletter. Brands are being built on top of newsletters. Individuals are starting their own more personal newsletters. Which ones are great? And why?
  18. I want to start listening to audio books. Any good apps for iOS?