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ValentinCEO @ ADrone / Writer @ Stuffi

What is the best tool to welcome a new user on your website?

I'd love to find something which looks like a tutorial, with text bubbles in a numeric order explaining how to use the website
Top recommendations
Intercom Communicate personally with every single customer.
Freshchat Catch 'em all. Keep 'em all.
HelpHero The onboarding & help experience your users deserve. 🤔👉💡
  1. John AlexanderGrowth @ shoflo

    What are the best apps for avoiding spam calls?

    I'm looking for any iOs apps that are good at detecting and reducing the amount of spam calls.
  2. Nick AbouzeidWords at Product Hunt 🤞

    What's the best office snack and drink?

    Guilty pleasures, healthy snacks, hit me.
  3. Édouard JaminProduct Owner @MobeyeApp

    What plugin/app do you use to animate your Sketch file?

    I'm looking for the easiest way to animate my Sketch file. Being 100% compatible with my Sketch source file is really important here.
  4. Which sites do you take your latest AR related news from?

    I'm looking for suggestions of sites where I can get the latest news from about AR. Thanks!
  5. Arthur West IVTechnology Enthusiast, Active Learner.

    Is parking a domain a viable business model?

    I bought a domain that is a misspelling of a very popular it worth parking to earn revenue?
  6. marekjckFounder @ CoinTrades

    What app are you using for crypto portfolio management and visualization?

    We are working on web app called CoinTrades. There is 75% ready but still not ready for production. Our main feature is that you can upload your order history files from Binance or Bittrex (more exchanges later). App will display clean and functional charts and main table automatically. No API connections at this point. You can add whatever coin manually of course. First beta will be for free naturally. Sounds like something you might like? Let me know. Cheers.
  7. Kevin LouFounder, Anytable 🍜

    What are good alternatives to UserTesting?

    I'm trying to run user research tests for a mobile app, and wanted to see what everyone else is using to do app user research.
  8. Filip ZajacDesign things to work awesomely

    What app you are using for font creation and why?

    Hi Folks, does anybody here ever created any fonts? Which software have you used or tried? Could you recommend something out there?
  9. Áine MulloyCo-founder, GirlCrew

    What are the best platforms for short-term campaign amplification?

    Launching a new product soon, and we're looking at really amplifying the message - any suggestions for platforms that boost engagement?
  10. Which apps have genuinely improved your sleep?

    Especially interested in apps that have helped with long-term insomnia.
  11. Matt BlakeYouth Worker

    What are the best apps for reminding you to keep in contact with friends and family?

    I'm looking for a tool which prompts and tracks some of my social interactions so that months don't fly by and I realise I am losing contacting with friends and family.
  12. Muhammad Saad KhanGrowth Hacker, Cloudways

    Is there any theme available to build a website like StartupStash?

    I am looking to build a website like and Is there any theme available to use?
  13. bettyFounder @MiaoAcademy

    What are the Tech Platforms using cat as logo or mascot? 🐱🐱🐱

    I am a super cat lover🐾🐾🐱 and it is interesting to find that when a product is connected to cat, techies seem to like it more. Is it true? 🤔
  14. Braxton Fair16 years old, utilizing Linux, and HTTP.

    What application(s) do you use to plan a new project?

    Say you want to create a new project, say a website or software, what application(s) would you use to achieve a successful start to your product?
  15. Pradeep SharmaSerial techpreneur, developer, reader

    What would be the best set of headphone, mic for remote teams

    Remote teams need great communication tools to succeed. A great quality sound is key. Use cases: team meetings, webinars, podcast etc. What set of tools will you recommend. It needs to be economic as well.
  16. Itan Bar-PeledAndroid developer

    What are the best AR apps and games that involve motion tracking?

    I'm looking for interesting AR Apps and games based on Motion Tracking, meaning the user can anchor virtual objects to a surface, and the virtual objects will "stay" at the anchored point, relative to the world.
  17. Blake EmalWebsite Growth Consultant

    What is your favorite social media calendar tool?

    Need to settle on the best one. Help needed!