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Best Productivity Book to Read to Learn how to plan and allocate time?Hey guys! I'd like references to some of the best productivity books one can read to learn how to plan and allocate time. Cheers. :)
What are the best sources for free & premium vectors?I'm designing a Landing Page with some Benefit blocks. I need some great vectors to illustrate my benefits.
Michael VoGM, The Fig Studio · Asked
What are some drag and drop static website builders (preferably free)?I am looking for desktop or online website builders that have elements such as divs, forms, buttons etc. One will be able to drag and drop them and the program will generate the corresponding HTML/CSS codes automatically. Thanks.
HameemSoftware Engineer · Asked
Looking for a landing page builder with export features and more ...My perfect landing page builder would provide the following features : team collaboration tool that allows comments on different parts of the page, A/B test tool, lots of responsive templates to choose from, templates with editable css/html, fully cu… See more
FranckInJapanSenior UI/UX Designer/Developer in Japan · Asked
A tool to generate screenshots of webpages rendered in a variety of desktop screen resolutions?Looking for a tool that will (in an automated manner) generate screenshots of webpages across a wide variety of laptop/desktop screen resolutions. Ex. 13" MBPr, 19" 1366 x 768 monitor, 24" 1920 x 1080 monitor, etc.
Hunter OwensPM at Stealth · Asked
Best product for reading Facebook groups?I used to read Facebook groups on Flipboard, but it's not supported anymore. I would like to read my Facebook groups or Google+ communities swapping pages like a magazine.
What are the best beta programmes to learn from?I'm looking for examples of well-run beta or pilot programmes to use as benchmarks for my own beta. Wanting to run a beta/ open sandbox in parallel to an existing product to test new ideas before the are adopted. A bit like Google Labs where the func… See more
Benn CrawfordSenior Product Owner, DIA, New Zealand · Asked
Looking for a tool to share and manage company logos, letterheads, document templates, etc.There has to be a tool for this out there...our company is growing out of the startup phase and I'm looking for a solution to help maintain brand consistency as we scale.
Phil HaddadUI Design @ ProviderTrust · Asked
What's the best tool to give users a way to report issues & make feature requests?Aggregate user requests/bug reports so we don't get the same report 10x
Shaan Puriceo, Monkey Inferno · Asked
Best resource for totally free stock videos?Long duration videos with HD Quality and no watermarks etc
What's your favorite smart home gadget?Looking for some fun stuff to give as gifts 🏠
Nick Abouzeid 🕴Social & Growth Intern at Product Hunt · Asked
What is a good third party referral system that can be plugged into a eCommerce website?I am building a subscription based product website and need the whole referral system integrated into it.
GappCo-founder · Asked
How do you keep up with your reading lists?My reading list on Pocket is growing faster than I'm able to finish reading the articles. How do you guys manage backlog?
Siddharth JaiswalBusiness Analyst, · Asked
What are the best Firefox Add-ons?A few weeks back, the best Chrome Extensions question went viral. I am curious, what is your favorite Firefox Add-on?
Freelancers, what apps and services you use the most?Share your go-to apps and services you use to manage your finances, time tracking, productivity, workflows ... etc
Chakib TsouliProduct Designer · Asked