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Mike Arndt@Discord @Messenger

Best tool for creating an HR/Employee Wiki?

I need to set up a wiki with some internal documentation and am looking for some recommendations. Preferably there is some level of customization on the design side, but not needed. One thing that's absolutely needed is Google Auth. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Pls
Top recommendations
Memo.AI The wiki that's always up-to-date
Nuclino The easy knowledge base for teams
Quip 5.0 Now with project management and a new design
  1. Sebastien BarrauCo-founder, htmlsig and passpass

    What is a good note taking app for mac that syncs on iPhone?

    To be honest I wish there was a better Apple Notes editor app, something that would edit notes and save them in my apple notes app so it syncs on all my devices.
  2. Boštjan BregarCEO of LOOP

    What is the most useful app for seamless team collaboration?

    Looking for an app/product, where I do not have to switch among many channels and advice on how to foster team communication.
  3. Felipe MolinaBlogger at

    Where do you read the news?

    There are many news (aggregators)/journalism apps. Which one is your favorite? Why?
  4. Lucy GlazyevaHead of PR

    What is a good tool for email marketing automation?

    I'm looking for efficient tool to manage email activities for the online store.
  5. ZOAGPro at being lazy

    What do you use to create reference poses for your drawings?

    Recently, I added Magic Poser to Product Hunt because it's a really good app. It allows you to get a variety of models on the scene and pose them any way you want, so you can use them as reference images to draw over. I really like it, however, what really bothers me is that there is no desktop version of it available (yet). I don't want to switch, because I really do like the app, but I need an alternative for desktop that doesn't require a smartphone emulator. I also want to know what other programs people generally use for this kind of work with their respective pros and cons. Things I would like to have that aren't available in Magic Poser (from what I know): - the ability to insert your own models - the ability to change facial expressions
  6. Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.

    What's the best cross-platform app for writing?

    There are many great writing apps for Mac but I'm a PC guy (and I moved back to Android from iOS last year). So, I'm looking for an app that lets me write / sync on Android and PC. I wouldn't mind a web app either. The more platforms it supports, the better it is for everyone not on Mac. I've tried Google Keep, OneNote, Evernote, Grammarly and the Hemingway web app so far. And no, iOS and Mac support is not the "cross-platform" I'm looking for. ;)
  7. What's the best tool to compress images?

    I'm looking for a tool that can handle a lot of large images, and make them as small in file size in 1 go. With as little effect as possible on the images of course :)
  8. Dries HendrickxSales manager, Conversation Starter

    Can you suggest a simple CRM?

    Nothing clunky like Salesforce, Freshsales or HubSpot. Looking for a CRM that is self-explanatory, easy to navigate and it's cluttered with extra stuff you don't really need.
  9. Chakib TsouliProduct Designer

    Freelancers, what apps and services do you use the most?

    Share your go-to apps and services you use to manage your finances, time tracking, productivity, workflows ... etc
  10. Henry KobutraDigital Practitioner

    What's the best online tool to generate a business model canvas

    I've come across some not so modern tools like canvanizer (imho), but found nothing really modern. Closest thing which didn't turn out so convenient was google draw templates. Any advice? Best thing right now would be pen and paper :S
  11. Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Plivo

    What are the best apps to reduce stress and anxiety?

    I am looking for the best tools/apps we could use to reduce stress and live a better life.
  12. What are best apps for freelancers to create contracts and proposals with?

    Making contracts and proposals is a big time suck for me and my time so I'm looking for a solution that could streamline this process. The tool must include the ability for the client to sign the contract electronically and export it as a PDF if needed.
  13. Edward FordMarketing Strategist at Advance B2B

    What's the best platform to host your company podcast?

    We run a podcast for the B2B SaaS community, particularly for CEOs, Co-founders & marketers/growth folks, and have been using SoundCloud. While it's quite good there are some limitations (for example getting it on Spotify) and we'd like to increase our reach. Which platforms would you recommend for podcast hosting in addition to SoundClound? Thanks so much for your help 🙏
  14. Do you know any team collaboration & helpdesk software?

    I'm looking for a system that does this native, not though 3rd party plugins/apps
  15. Stefan Ritterbuilding @ruumapp

    What's the best tool for product roadmaps to manage user feedback, long term items, and quick wins?

    Wishlist: 1. up voting 2. public roadmap for users 3. follow-up with users once feature was released 4. group by micro vs macro - bugs, quick wins, big chunks of work, etc. 5. group by 'in design', 'in dev' 6. timeline of past releases We tried: Trello - only columns, no grouping, no voting without user creation, backlog becomes too full and hard to sort Jira - way too complex Github Projects - using it for dev work, don't want to open it up to too much noise Excel/Google sheets - not visual enough, no commenting
  16. What's the best tool for writing a daily journal?

    Hi, I want to start daily journal. What's the best way to do this?
  17. What is the best software for team management?

    What is the best software for team or project management? Like team members contact or chatting or video messaging?
  18. Lakshan PereraCreator of

    What do you use to manage the backlog / roadmap?

    Looking for something lightweight than JIRA, but more than a Trello board (eg. discuss on issues, add screenshots, voting, etc.)
  19. Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Product Hunt & Feathrd

    What are some of your favorite location based apps? 📍📱

    I've been seeing a rise in apps that performs actions based on the location you're in and I think that's a pretty cool space. Want to know if you've given any of these a shot and which ones you like the most 😸