Intercom on Onboarding

Convert today’s signups into tomorrow's successful users

Nice job, @samuelhulick and @destraynor. Excited that more people are learning how much onboarding matters.
Hi, I've really liked your books and this, I'm sure will be a great addition. But the send "Send me the Book" button don't seems to be working 😟
@jhuerta88 Hey Jorge. Sorry about that. I can't seem to replicate the issue myself but mind dropping me an email at and I can sort it for you? Cheers : )
@geoffreykeating @intercom Thanks, just sent you a mail.
@geoffreykeating @jhuerta88 @intercom Couldn't make it work yesterday but now resolved :)
@geoffreykeating @jhuerta88 @intercom the button is stuck at the loading circle for me as well :(
Nice! We are going to recommend this to our customers!
Thanks for the content! Excited to read it.