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interesting they launch that the day frontapp announces funding. head to head...
wow; @scottperket how did you find it, did they send an email newsletter? ZenDesk must really be feeling the head from Front (or are looking to stifle them from the outset), which just announced $3m+ in funding today:
@_jacksmith They quietly announced the beta today via social media.
This seems to have all the same features as HelpScout... am I missing the differentiator?
@BelleBCooper Probably not. My guess is that this is in direct response to startups offering simpler, lower-priced HelpDesk software that's easy to get setup in a few minutes.nnMost SMBs operate the majority of their communication from their email inbox, and don't need advanced support features like public Q&A, knowledge bases, etc. They just need a way to keep their email organized and make sure they didn't miss any threads.nnWe use HelpScout for Leadin and it works great for our two-person team. I signed up for Inbox and it seems to do almost the same exact thing as HelpScout, although with less features because it's new. I also received an automated onboarding email from Alex, the founder of ZenDesk, after signing up, so this doesn't seem like a side project from one employee and is probably more of a top-down initiative to differentiate the product offering by creating lighter, faster and easier to buy software.n
@AndyGCook At the bottom of the landing page, there is a link to a blog post with an interview with Zendesk co-founder and Inbox lead, Alexander Aghassipour, on why they built Inbox. nnDirect link:
@AndyGCook Right. We use HelpScout too, for our two-person team. It seems to have all the same features so I don't know why you'd switch... unless Inbox works well on mobile. The phone image on the landing page insinuates that but doesn't make it clear. I generally reply to HelpScout emails from my own email client, but anytime I actually need to login to HelpScout, it's a really bad experience on mobile.
@BelleBCooper PM on the Inbox team here. We designed and developed Inbox as a mobile-first web app even though it's primarily positioned for desktop use. This helped us keep the feature set lean and the UI simple. We think we did a good job with the mobile UI, but I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think.
@briangreenbaum Thanks Brian, that's good to know!
@scottperket nice find! Interesting that Zendesk is looking to diversify their offering. In case you've missed it, early this they acquired Singapore-based Zopim (a customer chat offering similar to Olark). I wonder if their main offering does not generate enough money, perhaps growth is slowing down so they feel the need to look for new revenue sources.