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Create how-to guides for your products & business processes. As you navigate a page, Guide Creator captures screenshots with each click & compiles a step-by-step guide to share with your customers or employees. Complete your capture, edit your guide, & share!
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HubSpot’s Brand Kit Generator creates your logo, color palette, font, and favicon all for free & within minutes--so you can get back to running your business.
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Jacob Wolf Frandsen
Set up a lead score explanation so you can easily find out why your leads have a score of X
A lot of B2B marketers work with lead scoring in their Inbound / Demand Generation model. But when a lead then does x numbers of actions you will get a score of - let's say - 31. But what were the concrete actions? You don't know unless you set up a lead score explanation. That means setting a separate workflow that amends a text and is triggered What you need: 1. Set up a drown-down property called "Lead score explanation" of all the variables you use in your lead scoring model 2. Set up a workflow with all the variables as triggers. It will then be based on A LOT of 'if-then' actions because the workflow should check every trigger/variable. Remember to set up 'Re-enrollment' - very important. 3. Setup the left sidebar view so everyone can see both the lead score and the explanation