Your emails become more powerful when they’re sent from your CRM. Create beautiful marketing emails using HubSpot’s drag and drop interface, and leverage the HubSpot CRM to personalize your message for each recipient. All for free.
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Hi everyone -- Dharmesh here (one of the HubSpot founders). I’m excited to share with you what HubSpot has been working on, and get your feedback. Today, we’ve taken our email marketing tool, and brought it into the free HubSpot CRM. I know you have many options for email marketing tools, some of which are also free. So, why HubSpot? Sure, our templates are beautiful (in the eyes of this beholder), our deliverability is one of the best in the business, and our editor is intuitive and easy-to-use -- but what really sets HubSpot’s email marketing tool apart is our CRM. This isn’t just contact segmentation. This is a complete CRM that your entire team can leverage to create delightful experiences for your customers. Personalize your emails for each recipient, analyze your performance, and use your learnings to improve your email strategy over time. With free email marketing in the HubSpot CRM, it’s never been easier to get started and quickly see value from the HubSpot platform. Give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below. The HubSpot team and I are here to answer any questions. Thanks for your support.
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@dharmesh awesome addition. We drink the HubSpot kool-aide at my company, this will make life much easier for our marketing team.
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@arlogilbert I'm excited for folks to try it out. I think it's one of the best products HubSpot has built and integrates beautifully with HubSpot CRM (also free). Let us know what you think. Thanks.
@dharmesh I have been waiting for this for a while. Grown frustrated with MailChimp and I'm thrilled I can now have newsletter campaigns managed within HS for free. Thanks Hubspot folks!
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@dharmesh beautiful portfolio strategy with free offerings promoting the paid aspects, well done, looking forward to try this out
@tschellenbach Thanks, Thierry. We're trying to have a "legit" offering in our free and starter tiers that pulls together what most companies need for an integrated customer experience.
This is wonderful. This is HUGE!! Kudos to @dharmesh and @hubspot . I am a big fan and I have my product - RoboAuditor, on HubSpot Connect Ecosystem. My Upvote with a BIG SMILE :D
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@hubspot @_rahulmehta Thanks for the kind words and support. Rahul. We're investing a lot in our APIs and developer experience -- so your experience as a partner should get even better.
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What's the limit on # of contacts or sends we can do? This is interesting.
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@noahkagan 2,000 sends a month. Perhaps later this year we make a special AppSumo offering?
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@dharmesh It's been a long ride my friend. Perhaps :) Hope you're amazing!
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@noahkagan All is great here. 13 years into HubSpot and still having an awesome time. Hope all is well with you. Cheers.
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@noahkagan @dharmesh Is there no limits of contacts?
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Hubspot always makes the best products, a product-driven company if there ever was one. Really looking forward to this one.
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This looks great! 👏 We just got our HubSpot CRM running again the other week and closed one of our biggest customers today. Excited to check out the new free email marketing products now too.
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@andygcook Thanks, and congrats on closing that big customer.
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