Exceptional Customer Support Over Facebook Messenger

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Thanks @vijayanands for hunting us! Hey, Product Hunt folks πŸ‘‹πŸ» We are excited to bring to you Chatwoot, a customer support tool designed specifically for Instant Messaging channels. Today, an increasing number of companies are adopting IM channels for customer support and we felt that the existing solutions are either hard to use or they consider IM channels as a 'third class citizen' over traditional channels like E-mail. Chatwoot has been built from the ground up keeping instant messaging in mind. We are kicking off beta with Facebook Pages/Messenger. More channels will be up soon 🀘🏼 Just to give you a glimpse of how Chatwoot works: You can connect your Facebook Pages of your business (yes, more than one page) and all the conversations appear at a single, beautiful dashboard. Add agents to your system and let them own and resolve conversations. Our auto-agent assignment feature automatically assigns incoming conversation to the next available agent. We also have real time reports to measure the productivity of your support team, along with private notes and canned responses. So, do give it a spin and tell us what you think! 😊
So if you are one of those folks who has a very active follower base on your Facebook Pages and a business that is dependent on it, soon enough you'll realise that having to login into the page each time to check out any of the messages becomes troublesome. Chatwoot solves that problem, even if you have multiple people managing the page and seems to help them all stay on the same page when it comes to your customers.
Had a chance to use the early beta. The product is an absolute delight to use and a great value add for the businesses . Good luck guys.
Great product from a great team. Best of luck!
Great product and Awesome UI/UX.