Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 10th, 2021

Remote team happiness goals
In our remote-first world, getting to know teammates and building a strong sense of company culture can feel challenging.

Here are 7 tools that launched on Product Hunt in the last 12 months that aim to strengthen connections at work, and foster team happiness:

🥕 Lucky Carrot: Peer to peer recognition through virtual carrot gifting

🐼 Bored for Slack: Play social games with your coworkers on Slack

⭐️ Kucha: Employee engagement platform for creative teams to track team happiness

🍩 Donut Remote: Pair with a teammate at random for a casual chat. (We're donut users and love the excuse to chat with our remote teammates.)

🐕 Kona: A Slack assistant to check-in on emotions and build team trust

🤖 OldRobo: Peer recognition platform using gamification to increase engagement

💁‍♂️ Axel: A virtual assistant on Slack to check team happiness and set productivity rituals
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"I’ve always felt that the co-founder partnership is an extremely important part of the startup and creation process. As with any crucial relationship, founders need to be intentional about creating and maintaining the close ties, especially in the midst of the craziness of starting up and creating something." -Bryan Ho

Enter, Cofounder Question Cards.

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