Fun gamification to increase employees' engagement at work

OldRobo is a peer review platform with an appreciation system and evaluation system to increase employee engagement and productivity. It helps companies to motivate their employees with the help of gamification.
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Managers try to motivate their team to work harder but due to lack of a good strategy, it does not happen. This problem was occupying my mind for a long time. Companies can't achieve their goals because of the poor performance of employees. I was thinking of a solution almost all day and night. We tried to talk to the managers and employess to see why they don't try to work harder. In the end we found a solution for it which is called OldRobo
supplying needs is one of the aspects of a great product. it just took me some time to get what exactly it does. use better headlines, also the landing page needs another review. :)
@shahroozme Thank you Sharooz for your valuable feedback, We will review the headlines once again to make sure everything is clear for our visitors. Thanks again
There are too many misspellings on the homepage for me to feel comfortable, also give some details on the features not just headings.
@josh_sorenson Thank you Josh for reporting us this issue. We will check and fix them as soon as possible
Great idea! Looking forward to hearing more.
Interesting concept! I went through your landing page as a user test and left my thoughts in context here too incase its of use, cheers - https://app.usebubbles.com/iTq4b...
@tom4 Your comments are valuable to us. Thank you for taking time on this