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September 16th, 2020

500 million apps
Earlier this week, Airtable’s Product and Software Engineer, JB Bakst, announced Airtable Marketplace.

To most creators, it means that you can build custom apps on top of powerful Airtable infrastructure and get inspiration or reuse what others have created.

“Since day one, Airtable has been working towards our vision of being a true application creation platform, and today we’re releasing three critical pieces of the puzzle: Airtable Apps, Airtable Automations, and Airtable Sync.” – JB Bakst

Apps (formerly Blocks) let you create apps with add-ons, remix community creations, or build your own apps with JavaScript. Automations let you choose triggers and actions to build custom workflows. Sync links across Airtable bases.

500 million new apps are expected to be built in the next half-decade and Airtable wants to be at the top of mind for the next generation of software builders. The community is pumped:

“This is the best place for planning and organizing campaigns and content. Eager to unlock the new features and keep automating further with AT.” – Hilary Smith

“The battle over #NoCode/#LowCode/#AutomationAndWorkflows is heating up! This has the potential to be as important as the browser wars before, and then the social web wars after.” – Chris Messina

“Low code is to 2020's what mobile was to the 2010s. We are at the beginning of a revolution in moving from ME centered software to WE centered software.” – Chris Dancy

Over the last 7 years, we’ve seen Airtable evolve from a no-code tool into a powerful low-code ecosystem. Today, it powers over 200,000 users and a recent funding round put its valuation at $2.5+ billion. 🤯
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The next-generation apps are here and they look dope.

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