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August 19th, 2020

How to monetize your Zoom videos
According to Cisco annual report, video is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

Combine these numbers with more people at home due to shelter in place and you have a pretty big market for video-based businesses.

Today, Y Combinator-backed entrepreneurs Luca Sanini and Akarsh Sanghi launched Reach.Live, a video monetization platform for creators.

Reach.Live targets creators and solopreneurs running lifestyle businesses. The platform is great for hosting free and paid live events. You can get a custom domain, engage with your community, and even sell stuff.

The global pandemic hit travel, education, finance, fitness, healthcare, entertainment, food, and virtually every other industry imaginable. People had to pivot quickly.

Increased constraints and necessity forced makers to create solutions to replace the “old” economy migrating most of the real-life activities online.

We’re seeing many more platforms emerge that help creators monetize video and innovate the aforementioned industries.

Here are some of the products that launched during the pandemic:

Stream makes it easy for anyone to start a live media business with 1-click Zoom live streams and integrated Stripe payments.

ZmURL is a personalized Zoom event website builder with event analytics and paid ticketing.

Together.LIVE is the one-stop-shop for managing and monetizing live online classes.

Hologram makes promoting and selling tickets to your Zoom classes easier.

Sutra Fitness can be used to host your live and on-demand classes, sell class packs, and subscriptions.

Krew provides a platform for PTs, physiotherapists, and nutritionists to offer all of their services online.

LiveKlass is an on-demand virtual classroom platform for creating, scheduling, and monetizing classes.

Twine is a platform that allows in-person content creators to manage their live streams with their students.
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