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#1 Product of the DayApril 24, 2020
Ensure your Zoom event will be a success!
In two minutes you'll get:
✨ A Personalized Event Website
πŸ“± Beautiful Social Sharing
πŸ”’ Built-in Security
πŸ’Œ Reminders for Guests
πŸ“ˆ Event Analytics
πŸ’» One-Click Join Event from Browser
πŸ’° Paid Ticketing (optional)
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Dan and I started ZmURL about a month ago while we were both under lockdown and spending a lot of time on Zoom events. Zoom is amazing for video calling. But the rest of the experience... Well let's say, I've joined too many meetings on accident by clicking on the wrong link... We built ZmURL to let you create beautiful event pages for your Zoom events. ZmURL handles registration, email reminders, social sharing, paid events, and more. We're seeing people use ZmURL for birthday parties, tutoring sessions, silent discos, and we have our first wedding coming up this weekend πŸ‘°. Let us know what you think 😘 --- Funny story: Dan and I actually met on Zoom a year ago and we've only met in person once. A year ago, I was looking into raising money for Scooter Map and chatting with investors. I met with one investor, Avichal Garg, who liked me but didn't like Scooter Map very much... He said I should chat with Dan and see if I wanted to work with him. Dan was living in Beijing so we set up a Zoom call. I liked him but we decided not to work together. Earlier this year, in May, I was traveling in China and I met Dan in Beijing. We walked around Tiananmen Square and grabbed dinner. I said bye and returned home to San Francisco. Finally Covid hit and we were talking about what we could do to help. We first launched to help people chart COVID growth. But we kept talking about Zoom. That's how ZmURL started. It's been a lot of fun since then. Hopefully you can have as much success with your Zoom meetings as Dan and I have :)
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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! I'm Dan, one of the makers of ZmURL, and I'm super excited to share it with you! With ZmURL, we hope to create the easiest way for you to share your Zoom event securely and beautifully. Just link your Zoom account or paste in your meeting invite, and your event page is almost ready! Over the last 2 weeks, we've help hosted many fun events including many, many birthday parties. And we are building around the clock to make it more useful to you everyday. Let us know what you think, take a look at our site, and maybe create an event! Stay safe and stay connected :)
@viccypont @danqing_liu this is great β€” thanks for getting this out so quick! Those default Zoom registration landing pages were stunningly bad. A few quick questions: 1. Where's a privacy policy we can peek at around all of these emails being shared + Zoom credentials? 2. Does ZmURL ever send any emails to attendees? If so, can you share a screenshot of what that looks like?
@danqing_liu @parterburn Privacy Policy β€” It's pretty generic right now since we're pretty new and we aren't lawyers -- Emails β€” We send the following emails. And we're working on making them more customizable / transparent to hosts. 1. Registration confirmation 2. Reminder 1 hour before event 3. Welcome to ZmURL email later (we might discontinue this one)
Really cool! It's also useful for small business who want to have some type of branding or 'store front' type of exprience.
@kareem_alsaady yep we've helped people set up paid events for paid fitness sessions and group meditations :)
I’ve shared this with a bunch of people and I’ve been thrilled to see them all loving itβ€”my friend Garrett, a yoga instructor, my sister who does community organizing. They all LOVE this. More than I would have expected for a product that seems to me (as someone who’s never hosted a zoom event) like a small thing. Nope. It’s a big deal. They LOVE it.
@coyne_lloyd1 aww thank you Coyne! We are working hard to improve it, so if you or your friends have any feedback/suggestion please let us know anytime!
I really like this. Kudos! πŸ‘
@batmanc Thanks! Let us know if you need any help getting set up.