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July 22nd, 2020

“No cream with 7 Splenda” ☕️
Many of us start the day with a cup of coffee. 64% of Americans drink coffee regularly according to the NCA, with over 2 billion cups consumed globally on a daily basis (according to Wikipedia).

The Product Hunt team is no different. We drink a lot of coffee. A Philz run during our team retreat is a mission. Who takes no cream with 7 Splenda?? What’s a mint mojito?? We even had our own limited-run blend called the the caffeinated kitty. But nowadays, Aaron is without question our resident coffee connoisseur. Check out that whip:

Over the years we’ve seen numerous coffee products launch on Product Hunt. So much so that we dedicated a whole topic to the caffeinated beans. Here’s a short selection:

Taika recently launched with a promise to “accentuate reality” with its cold brew enhanced by adaptogens designed to keep you calm, focused and clear. We recently tried it. It’s good.

Brew Diary makes it easier to brew the perfect, consistent cup using an Apple Watch.

Source Coffee is a hand-curated database of specialty coffee shops around the world.

Coffunity is a community of coffee drinkers sharing tips to achieve that perfect brew.

Quokka Brew launched today is a cold brew in a can with added nootropics with brain boosting qualities.

Coffee Pixels is a solid bar of coffee. Think a chocolate bar, but it’s coffee.

YESPLZ Coffee delivers coffee and a (physical!) magazine every month.

Ripple Maker turn selfies into coffee art (seriously).

If tea is more your thing, here is a robot that will make it for you. 🙃
Try Taika
Randomly channel surf through Netflix like the good old days of regular TV. Ah the nostalgia!

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