Ripple Maker

A coffee machine that turns selfies & photos into latte art

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2016

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Apparently there are 5 coffee shops around me that have a Ripple Maker. What should my first Ripple be? πŸ€” EDIT: As per @rrhoover's request, I went to try it out! Got myself a PH kitty latte but felt very bad drinking it afterward. πŸ˜‹ More photos here.
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@jackdweck wow, cool! Can you please visit tomorrow and report back with photos? πŸ˜„
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@jackdweck wow , what is this app its the first time I see it ??
@hammouriomg @jackdweck I agree, I want to see if any coffee shops here have one! What app/site is that?
@thatmattgardner @jackdweck yes matt I wish I can find one near, thank Jack downloading now
Get your own Zuckerberg latte!
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@rrhoover Wonder how soon bars would start selling ADs on coffee)) Perfect consumer contact!
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@michaelbabich oh no. drinking an ad - now that's a new low.
@danr_4 @rrhoover Actually, it depends on an AD. If it recommends me a cake or to drink water after the coffee, it's pretty useful. May be not so healthy in the first example though. Anyway, it's better than Zuk photo on my coffee :)
@rrhoover New AD model for bars & brands β€” give coffee with brand AD on it for free. Everybody win: the brand gets consumer contact, bar gets money, consumer gets free coffee.
@rrhoover This is blowing my mind
I want a coffee machine that generates GIFs in your coffees. Can somebody make this possible? :o
@rogerh1991 I can do this. I just need a small loan of 1 million dollars.
@aamerjomaa Would you settle for $1 and a Klondike bar?
@rogerh1991 do I get to eat it while I work?
@aamerjomaa @rogerh1991 The bar vests according to a four-year schedule. You can eat 1/4 of the bar after a year, then 1/48 for each following month until you get your full bar allotment
Subscriptions are eating the world. It feels like soon I will have a subscription to my washing machine.
@danr_4 I share your fear.
@hunterwalk - maybe you can spice up your infamous coffee pics?