Coffee Pixels is an edible bar of coffee, made out of the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Have it as your daily coffee fix, while boosting your day with an intense nutrient explosion.

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Let's combine my two addictions into one portable product. What could possibly go wrong? :D #heresmymoney
Oh my... is there a decaf?
Is this claim serious or a joke? I’m assuming the former. “The flesh of the coffee cherry is the second-highest naturally occurring antioxidant-rich food in the world, surpassed only by Dragon's Blood.”
I live in Riga where these are made and I have to say they are absolutely amazing. Super tasty (I prefer the cascara option) and perfect for on-the-go situations where you neither need to burn your lips, scold your neck or find a bin where it's already full to the brim. I see these taking off!
Looks great! Unfortunately my payment won't go through. "Payment failed: An error has occurred while processing your payment".