A robot that makes customized tea

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Hi Product Hunt! Co-Founder of teaBOT here. Thanks for the encouragement! We’ve been building teaBOT in Canada for over a year and we’re thrilled to launch in California with the help of @ycombinator. teaBOT is a robotic kiosk that makes customized cups of grab-and-go tea. The machine is live @CoupaCafe in Palo Alto and a second will be lauching @WorkshopCafe in San Francisco! We have more arriving in Toronto in September and our mobile app is in private beta - coming soon! Please tell us where you’d like to see a teaBOT. Thank you for your feedback; we’re happy to answer any questions :)
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teaBOT is in the S15 batch of Y Combinator. We have one in the office and I'm addicted to my custom gunpowder + peppermint tea blend. They're live at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto if you'd like to check one out.
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@katmanalac Thanks for sharing Kat. Nice to see which companies beat us out for the YC 15 batch. @injii
Tried TedBot in Toronto and had a great experience with it - congrats on the progress guys 😊
I love teaBOT.
I tried the TeaBot two weeks ago at one of the coffee shops and absolutely loved it. As a heavy tea drinker (who is also a picky tea drinker), the pre-mixed blends of teas are delicious.