#5 Product of the DayMay 13, 2020
Taika (“magic” in Finnish) is a perfectly calibrated coffee in a can, balanced with adaptogens designed to keep you calm, focused and clear. Designed by world’s 9th best barista, Taika tastes delicious without any added sugar.
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Hey Product Hunt! Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us. For the past year, I've been heads-down building Taika with my co-founder @michael_eyal_sharon. We’re super excited to finally share what we’ve been working on. My background is deep in coffee: I’m a two-time Finnish Barista Champion and was ranked 9th best in the world in 2015. Before Taika, I co-founded Sudden Coffee (YC W17) which makes “instant coffee you’ll actually want to drink”, as NYTimes put it. Both Michael and I love coffee (surprise). Alas, over the past few years caffeine started giving us nasty side effects many people are familiar with: anxiety, jitters, and crashes. Decaf wasn’t the answer: most of the time we wanted some caffeine, but not the side effects. This is when we discovered L-theanine and other adaptogens - natural plant extracts and functional mushrooms - that support the body’s ability to deal with stress. We started researching and experimenting with these compounds. Adaptogens turned out to be a game-changer in balancing the caffeine and reducing the side effects. However, keeping a bunch of random capsules with you and remembering to take them every time you have coffee sucks. We both hate compromising and set out to create a coffee that’s absolutely delicious and perfectly calibrated with the highest quality adaptogens. We’re launching with three flavors, each featuring the same adaptogen blend: - A sugar-free, keto-friendly macadamia latte that tastes like melted coffee ice cream. As far as we know, it's the first macadamia latte on the market. - Oat milk latte which tastes like coffee cereal milk but has no added sugar. - Black coffee - a brilliantly smooth, bold brew, never bitter. Unsweetened and keto-friendly. Taika is currently available in SF, LA, and NYC for 2hr contactless delivery, powered by Postmates. Our motto is for friends, by friends. We think sharing gifts is more fun than discounts. Enter code MYSTERYGIFT at checkout at on our website and we will mail you a fun surprise to go with your coffee 🎁 🔮 What questions can we answer?
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@chrismessina @michael_eyal_sharon @kallefreese Just ordered some! Can't wait to try. And awesome to see what you're up to now, Kalle :)
@chrismessina @michael_eyal_sharon Thanks @mdagabriele! Can't wait to hear how you like it ✌️
@kallefreese this is incredible!
@pollock Thanks Tristan!
@kallefreese super cool! Let us know when it makes it's way to Europe!
Taika is the best coffee in a can/bottle I’ve had. It’s rare that products become an instant favorite for me but this one did. Two of my roommates also started ordering it. Well done!
@desaiashu Thanks Ashu!
Will you offer make-at-home version of Taika? Love my morning routine of making a cup of coffee, and would love trying your coffee 2.0!
@ilona_mooney This is something we're working on. Stay tuned!
@kallefreese Yay! Would love it on a subscription. Just a few days ago ran at 7 am something to grocery store because was out of coffee!
Why does it have a phone number on the can?
@e_b_rosner We started by making Taika for our friends and their offices. At first, I put my personal number on the cans so people could text us feedback and order more. It worked so well that we decided to put the number front and center (now it's a shared one). We’ve had some hilarious philosophical discussions with people trying to figure out whether they’re talking to a bot or a human. It’s fun and weird - a pretty good substitute for not being able to go to your local coffee shop right now.
Hands down the best canned coffee I’ve ever had.