Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 2nd, 2020

A car for 14-year-olds 🚗

Last week Citroen unveiled its answer to the question of sustainable urban transportation. Ami promises to be a compact yet comfortable 2-seater electric car that can be customized with six color choices.

As well as being a green and agile solution to getting about town, Ami can be driven without a formal drivers license. This means that, in France at least, this mode of transport is accessible to teens as young as 14.

Would you let your teen drive around in one of these? Early reactions from the community seem in favor:

“I want one. Love this.” -Andrew Jernigan

“A very impressive vehicle! I could see these doing very well in Vancouver” -Daylen Sawchuk

“Awesome work by Citroen.” -Josselin Colletta

Of course this scooter-meets-car isn’t the first electric vehicle on the scene, but it might just be the cutest. In the past year we’ve seen multiple new electric options emerge:

⚡️ Cyber Truck

🚗 Tesla Model Y

🚙 Porsche Taycan

🚘 Mustang Mach E

🏎 Aston Martin Rapide E

🚙 Nikola NZT

Show me Ami
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