The Model Y has a range of 300 miles, seating for seven, is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and will start at $39,000.
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SO S3XY! 😍
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How is this a SUV?
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@tostartafire Wondered the same. On the website, it says it seats 7. Also has folding seats for extra storage like a SUV. Also AWD. Move of a crossover SUV IMO. On utility: Model Y provides maximum versatility—able to carry 7 passengers and their cargo. Each second row seat folds flat independently, creating flexible storage for skis, furniture, luggage and more. The liftgate opens to a low trunk floor that makes loading and unloading easy and quick.
@robmthorpe I saw the seats 7 too and then went on to look for interior pictures... the last row has no leg space whatsoever. It's crazy how small that last row is... I guess the meaning or the idea of an SUV has changed overtime.
@tostartafire I think the definition has changed. I ordered an Uber XL last night and it was an Acura MDX. The back seat had only about 6 inches of leg room, it was almost impossible to fit!
Incredible car, but we can all agree Tesla isn't great at presenting product - and this interaction between random people screaming to Elon, and he laughing at the jokes on stage / or answering - during presentations - looks awful. Not to mention the lightning, the stage size (for cars..), the time spent on sharing everything else but Model Y, and so many other missed opportunities. Maybe they can snatch someone from Apple to help there. I bought a Model 3 and I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but I am also honest and see where there's room for improvement. :-)
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@andupotorac *snatch. Snitching is something else.
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This website has one of the most annoying scroll-hacks ever. It's a shame 'cause from a design point of view looks very nice
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Lovely how they include estimate gas savings in the price of the car they are showcasing...that's pretty shady if you ask me.
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