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December 8th, 2019

The genius of Spotify Wrapped: A breakdown

ICYMI: Spotify launched its annual Wrapped stats last week. 👀

Wrapped lets you relive and discover the artists, music and podcasts you’ve loved most over the past year. Since we’re approaching 2020, Spotify also included information about your listening habits from the past decade (between 2009 and 2019) in beautiful, infographic form. The product is optimized for self-reflection and humble bragging — Wrapped provides intimate, data-backed details of how we all pass the time (with music).

“Supported by email and in-app prompts, the experience is optimized for sharing, creating virality organically through social sharing and augmented by ad money and sponsored hashtags,” writes Sarah McBride, Maker of AI t-shirts and Partner at Shrug Capital. 

In this article, Sarah breaks down the organic marketing lessons we learn from Spotify Wrapped. Here’s what you’ll learn from the piece:

  • Why giving users tools to express their identity works 
  • How to make the sharing experience as frictionless as possible 
  • How to harness organic distribution channels 
  • Why an experience “people can’t resist sharing” works best 

Plus, here are a few actionable steps to help you build your own organic marketing engine. 🚀

For the data nerds who want more of this, you can dive even deeper into your music listening metrics with this.

Lessons from Spotify

What does Rotten Tomatoes for podcasts look like? This. 🍅🎙

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