Image to HTML converter powered by AI

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AI converts HTML CSS codes based on an uploaded image within a few minutes.
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Um this is absolutely not the "world's first service - image to HTML convertor". Uizard has been working on this for years. @tonyb's awesome pix2code paper was submitted to arXiv in May 2017, the Apache-licensed code for which as been online for just as long:
Hi @alxcnwy, Thanks for the feedback. For sure we are aware of Pix2Code - the first research project and the paper. What Fronty does - it's an online-service where users upload their webpage designs and get their websites. We haven't found any alternative services - even though we are constantly following for similar services. Hope it makes more clear about the difference, and for sure our AI is not capable of converting Wireframe to code - we do only webpage designs for now. Thanks again!
@alxcnwy actually I've tried them both just for interest These two are not the same. Front's faster and the result was ALMOST what I wanted, I could modify that tho. I recommend Fronty especially for building landing pages. That was nice 👍
Looks interesting but this website really needs a video to show off it's claims. And some links to example sites built with Fronty.
Hi @joelfreeborn, Thanks for feedback, already added a video. All the templates are created by AI, some recent examples created and hosted on Fronty:
I just came across this product. I was thinking to work on similar project for a while and I was having hard time dealing with it. I knew that this idea one day will have potential but I couldn’t handle and when I saw you have done this, I really know how much time and effort it needs. Wish you good luck! You motivated me never give up and I am going to start and finish my next idea :)
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Hi @corolina_mente, Thanks for feedback, and sorry to hear that.. Wish you great success with your next ideas!
Of course there are looots of bugs, but overall they're all matter of time I guess. Actually this is such a good idea but the process took a long time like 8-9 minutes, thought it's gonna be shorter
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Hi @matt_tor, thanks for feedback - actually we optimized it from 30mins to 2-3 mins average. If you upload a huge page - it can last a bit longer. Also it depends on the busyness of our servers. Adding our product in Producthunt of course added more load, and the speed was slowed. Anyway the time AI can save for working process - is not even worth to compare. Thanks again, Stay tuned to get the latest updates.
@fronty_com Nice! someone told me it lasts 3-4 minutes so I was expected shorter. I've tried also another website builders tho and this one was definitely the fastest one. Good luck with its improvements.
I used this a few months ago or so and it was impressive!! I liked the result and would like to see other examples as well it's interesting.
Hi @haykuhi_dalibaltyan , Thanks to return and check us :) Stay tuned with us to see how AI is being improved, Thanks.