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#2 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2019
Easy and flexible meetings in the browser. Create your permanent own video room (whereby.com/your-room) that guests can join simply by clicking the link. No downloads or registration required by guests, no host required in meetings.
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Hi everyone! I’m Ingrid, Co-founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer of Whereby. We are thrilled to finally launch the new version of Whereby, comprised of two large changes: 1. A total makeover of the brand identity and product design 2. A complete rewrite of the web client, to make it responsive and more performant After our change of name from appear.in to Whereby in August, we have spent the last few months on building out a new visual profile for the Whereby brand, starting with our team’s vision as the foundation: to give people the freedom to work and live where they thrive. We believe that flexible working should be (and will become) the default way of working. We believe people do their best work when they are happy and live a meaningful life. Different people need different surroundings to do their best work, and each and every one of us knows best what works for ourselves. With the flexibility to collaborate from anywhere, we want to let our users take back control of their working day and reduce the stress of balancing work and personal life. The new Whereby is designed to give our users flexibility and freedom. We wanted a design that was more human and calm than most software services out there, while keeping the playfulness and curiosity that the old appear.in brand had. You can read about the process behind the new brand in this post. In parallell with the new design, we have also rebuilt our web client from the ground up to make it responsive and work on in the browser on all devices. Finally it is possible to join from the browser on iOS, where before you had to download the app! The new web includes lots of performance improvements, new welcome pages, emoji reactions, new chat and soon also support for larger meetings with up to 50 people. To learn more about all these changes check out our blog. We hope you like the new design. Everything is not perfect yet, but we’ll keep working to make it the easiest video meeting experience out there! We’d love to hear any things you think can be improved.
@ingridod Congratulations on the launch! ;) i love it as always. Is there a way we can embed the link? so i can add on my website? Also wow you all overhaul your brand from appear in to the new colour. I really enjoy using this, especially when i'm nomading and i need to conference quickly, i just use the mobile app and i just connect it on the go and use my earpiece, no hassle.
Hi @fajarsiddiq! We have an early version of a developer API as an extension of our Business plan, that let you create ad hoc rooms programmatically and embed them on your site. You can see the documentation on whereby.dev and read more here: https://whereby.com/information/...
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@ingridod AMAZING. Do you have a demo i can see how it works?
@fajarsiddiq You can see it in action by testing our new Trello Power-up that lets you open a room embedded in a Trello board: https://trello.com/power-ups/55a...
Gorgeous rebrand! It looks much more like a service I'd be proud to use now. Had an account already (made it when they were still 'appear.in') but never actually used it.
@anna_0x Thanks a lot @anna_0x, very happy to hear that! We wanted the brand to be more mature, but still playful. I hope you'll give it a try for your meetings, and let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvements.
@ingridod Pretty sure I'll be using it from now on! Just looking at such a nice interface makes me enjoy my time more. The appeal is in the simplicity. Just a link and done!
My company uses this software to do 100+ meetings a week with potential customers. I’ve reviewed every alternative on the web but there is no service with lower threshold. No installation, no email, no nothing. Just click the link and you’re in the meeting. Super impressed by the team whom I’ve had a meeting with. This service is pure product-market fit.
@890622joachim Thanks Joachim. It really shines in that type of use. What I call "high frequency meetings" where you don't have to worry about the link/code/pin changing every time.
Wow, this is quite the brand overhaul! Previously it was much more staid...!
@chrismessina Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina! 😄 We have come a long way since the original hunt in 2014, so the brand was very overdue for a facelift. Hope you will like the new version and let me know if you have any feedback!
Most certainly. Great rebranding. Reliable as always/ever.