2019 Wrapped by Spotify

The songs you loved most this year, all wrapped up.

#3 Product of the MonthDecember 2019
Everyone's year sounded different on Spotify. Get your 2019 Wrapped.
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I love that they added in more stats than last year. Spotify always uses such crazy-bold designs to make infographics pop–and it really works. This might just be their best version yet.
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I love Spotify. This year's Wrapped is even better than the the last. Here's my 2019 Wrapped playlist for those interested.
Curious why it's so soon? Still got 25 days to go. What if I go hard in December to my polka?
@timchardme Jus re-run the website.
@timchardme because in Dec everyone starts thinking about their year to start planning for the next one. They thought it makes sense to insert this in the process, and honestly it does. Helps you think back on things from the whole year through the songs and playlists you listened to along each season
I saw it this morning on the iPhone app and loved it. It's beautifully designed, feels like IG Stories, and is perfect corporate storytelling with the ultimate personal story. Great for those of us obsessed with #quantifiableself. Really well done. I want to hear from the maker. Congrats to the team! (Asking @jeremycaplan for his thoughts).
Make sure you look at it on the app. Much more impressive.
@sree does "iPhone app" not count? 😉
Apparently my 4th favourite genre is "meme rap" and I don't know how I feel about that... Kudos to Spotify for continuing to build impressive experiences around music in ways that delight.