Free web interface for accurate face detection

#4 Product of the MonthDecember 2019
FaceMaze is a free (no ads!) online web interface powered by state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for detection, cropping, and filtering of faces in any image. Brought to you by Pixaven.
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Looks good! Love the super-simple UI and how easy it is to actually use it. Congrats!
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@nancystinson4 thanks! Hope you’ll find FaceMaze useful :)
This is well executed but I’m skeptical of the “free online web interface” positioning when this is really just a demo for Pixaven's paid face-detection API. I’d be more sympathetic if this was actually useful and less of a demo like if you could: 1. Export face bounding-box co-ordinates 2. Bulk download a set of results - right now you have to click a download link for each image uploaded It would be disingenuous for Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services to post a a web demo of their premium APIs and labeled it as “Free”. They have a free tiers but those are there to sell you a product, just as FaceMaze is here to sell you the Pixaven API. Their pricing is high relative to AWS or GCP’s face detection APIs (which have better or as good free tiers but with no minimums vs. $59 p/m and better volume pricing) or you could just use this MIT-licensed free open-source face-detection implementation (or one of the other many implementations out there): https://github.com/ageitgey/face... I think it’s cool that this is a polished web demo that you can use drag&drop without needing to register but let’s be real about what’s going on here…
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@alxcnwy Thanks for the feedback but I respectfully disagree. This is not just "a demo" of our computer vision solutions. FaceMaze is completely free, there are no "signup now" buttons, and no pricing in mind. There are no limitations, free tiers, etc. It's just a very handy tool to get the job done fast. With regards to the missing features you've mentioned - that is true but please keep in mind this is our very first iteration on this product. The whole point of launching here on PH is to get valuable feedback from early adopters (like yourself) and iterate further. Also, the idea behind any online web interface is to free end-users from installing, configuring, and maintaining anything.
@matylla there's no "sign up now" button (because you're *positioning* this as a tool rather than a demo) but there are links to your paid APIs. I appreciate that you're being subtle about it but using subtle wording doesn't make this feel any less like product marketing to me. As I said, if you made it more useful as a tool (see my earlier comment) then I'd be more sympathetic to your "it's a very handy tool" positioning but right now this looks like product marketing to me. IMO If you had built it to be a tool with no thought to product marketing, you would have spent more time on functionality and less time putting two links to your paid product on the page...
OMG! 😍 I've been waiting for such a tool for a looong time. This really looks like "the missing web interface for face detection". Great work 👏
@asagib1 Thanks! We put a lot of work into FaceMaze with the emphasis on usability and speed.
Hey Product People! This is @matylla, founder and CEO of Pixaven https://www.pixaven.com. We are super excited to be on ProductHunt with FaceMaze - our free tool for high-precision face detection, cropping, and filtering. As we have various computer vision solutions backed into our APIs at Pixaven, we thought it would be cool to expose face detection and cropping as a free to use online web interface. The idea behind FaceMaze is dead simple - you upload as many images you like and our backend tools will detect, crop, and stylize all the faces in those images. At the end of the process, you are given a unique and volatile URL to download your results. Pretty neat, huh? Also, did I mention FaceMaze is fast? I mean... it's real-time fast. Face detection and cropping usually get done in less than 60ms. That's as close to real-time as you can get. FaceMaze comes with zero limiations. You can upload hundreds of images in one go and use the service as many times as you like. Of course, we do not serve any ads on FaceMaze or any other tools we make for the community. Hope you'll find FaceMaze useful! If you have any suggestions or feedback at all on how to improve the product I'm here all day to answer your questions.
Finally we don't have to install dozens of crazy libraries like OpenCV and Python dependencies just to get the job done. Also, I don't feel like paying for AWS or Azure cuz now I have Facemaze.
@ali_sajib1 I'm glad you like it! Thanks for your feedback