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December 3rd, 2019

AI apps are disrupting yoga!

“As a yogi, I'm excited by Zenia for the real-time feedback it gives on your yoga posturing. This will be essential for an improved practice and preventing injuries.“ - Tristan

Yoga got an AI upgrade yesterday; the first AI-powered yoga assistant launched on Product Hunt. The assistant, called Zenia, works by using motion tracking and data from thousands of yoga lessons to analyze your movements, monitoring your positions and giving you feedback. 💯

As any yogi knows, real-time position adjustments are key to improving your practice, and Zenia effectively mimics the experience of having a personal yoga instructor.

How it really works:

“Zenia’s core technology is based on algorithms of computer vision and neural networks. Through the front camera, the app recognizes movements of 16 major joints and within seconds gives feedback.” - Zenia founder Aleksei Kurov.

Before you jump to “using the front camera is kinda creepy,” rest assured that Zenia’s tech doesn’t store images or record any video format. It also doesn’t save anything to a server.

To start, the app is launching with four guided courses and 14 yoga sequences of different intensity and length. 🙏

Some initial reactions from yogis in the PH community:

“Pose tracking technology finally allows to do yoga right.” - Alexander

“Real time feedback is very important for a yoga novice like me.” - Ivan

“This app is a great solution for those who don't always have time for a full 1-1.5 hour practice.” - Anya

Over the past year, we’ve seen over two dozen meditation apps launch on Product Hunt, along with a myriad of yoga-centric products. There’s minimalist yoga apps, yoga headphones, a database of yoga retreats in India, yoga sessions for runners, and two-way video interactive yoga.

AI Yoga

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