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September 22nd, 2019

The "Nike of sleep"

You’ve probably heard of Casper, the re-inventor of mattresses.

Back in 2014, the New York-based startup took something old (mattresses) and made them new again (by compressing them into a cardboard box), raising $1 million in revenue during the company’s first 28 days in business. 💸

The idea sparked a ton of competitors to do the same, with dozens of variations of smart mattresses, no pressure mattresses and cuddle mattresses that aimed to upend traditional mattress retailers.

The basic business model —bypassing middlemen by selling items virtually — caught on, and gave rise to the larger direct-to-consumer movement. The wellness industry expanded in tandem, and Casper decided it would be more than just a mattress company. 😴

Four years ago, Casper (naturally) expanded to offer sheets and pillows after 18 months of development.

“I want all the things!!!” - Sarah

Then the company launched a dog bed (a trend that has since caught on with other direct-to-consumer giants).

“Definitely thought it said 'designed by dogs' and I was SUPER impressed... I can't help but be slightly bitter that dogs can benefit from Casper mattresses before I've managed to — but that's my fault” - Ben

Last year, the company opened up “The Dreamery” in New York City. It’s a physical space where you can reserve a nook to nap in (on a Casper bed) for $25 per session. A few months later, the company gifted sleepers with Casper Glow, a portable, sleep-friendly light that fills your room with a warm light to help you wind down and wake up more naturally.

“The interaction design with gestures, synchronizing multiple lights, and portability are well thought out. I had always considered getting the Philips wake up light, but the Casper Glow is now on the top of my list.” - Kunal

Just last week, Casper launched CBD Sleep Gummies, which are exactly what they sound like. It's a smart move, as recent data has shown that CBD is definitively on the rise:

“Interesting direction from Casper, but it makes total sense. Another product from Casper designed solely to help you sleep” - Aaron

And that’s where Casper’s reportedly headed — towards a possible IPO as “the Nike of sleep.”

Casper's CBD Gummies
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