Cuddle Mattress

Hug your better half without the arm numbing

#3 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2016

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This makes so much sense. I want one, but $1299 is far more expensive than a Casper mattress. P.S. If you're into cuddling, download this.
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@rrhoover Kool concept! I know a few people who would get a giggle out of this (inclusing myself, just for the kool factor). However, What about Sheets (as @dubrie noted) cuz those special stretchy sheets would cost much more than regular ones, I'm sure (+ limited variety and choices) and I also like to not sleep like a Log all night ... I like twists and turns + price point is a deal breaker. and a Big NO NO to Spoonr!! LoL
@rrhoover XKCD's design is still better! (not sure how that comic hasn't been posted on here yet!)
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@rrhoover Price is too prohibitive. Other than that I would totally rock one of these!
@rrhoover LOL, omg. That's insane.
But what if I also like to sleep on sheets?
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@dubrie yeh this confuses me too... and as mike said, what happens when you lose your phone in your mattress? Also I dont know if just me but I feel like this wouldn't actually be all that comfortable
@bentossell @dubrie I don't think sheets would be a problem. All mines are actually way longer than mattress, so they just could fit in, they'll just be shorter on mattress' end. That also makes a "net" where you can store your phone without the fear to break it when moving. Having less to move because of numbed arm sounds cool, actually. Pricing is indeed prohibitive, though. But well, that's innovation.
@oelmekki @dubrie But I think thats strange... having sheets bigger than the mattress seems weird to me - they are sold in sizes to fit perfectly and crisply ha. Not baggy so they can be tucked in to make a net.
@bentossell Huh, I see. There must be different kind of sheets in different countries :) Edit: actually, there are sheets with flexible bands, here. I just don't like those
OR buy a foam mattress and cut some lines into it. I'm only half kidding
@evankimbrell haha i would legit do that.
I'm so confused by this. I think of sleep as being one of the most important things. Health, productivity... on & on. I can't imagine ever buying a mattress and wanting the ability to cuddle better as a feature. Also, what happens when you lose your iphone in your cuddle mattress?
@mscccc Perhaps not cuddling with the iPhone would be a wise choice :) Seriously, though, I don't understand how this would be a concern. It's not like 3 inch wide open gaps that just anything could easily slip through.
@jesse_wallace I was mostly joking about the iPhone :) The price doesn't bother me. Investing in good sleep is smart. If this mattress somehow beats out other normal mattresses & leaves people more rested. Then OK, makes sense. But buying a mattress just to cuddle better... I can't wrap my mind around it. Maybe for some people, being able to cuddle for 8 hours helps them sleep really well?
As a product person (as many of us are) and also married for 10 years, I have to say, realistically I would want a mattress that goes the other direction. Something where after having intimate relations, it actually produces some sort of physical barricade so you can have some separation. In a real world scenario, comfortable or not, cuddling with an arm under your partner lasts all of about 10 minutes before you need/want to move. I've repeatedly told my wife, that I don't understand why bunk beds are not socially accepted among married couples. It saves space, people sleep comfortably, and you can still do your bid'ness. Perhaps in even more creative ways.
@wuss Also a married guy here, and yeah, cuddling is amazing but it does not contribute to a good nights sleep unless both parties somehow never move the entire night. I laughed out loud at the bunk bed comment.