Casper Dog Mattress

Designed for dogs, by top dogs

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Definitely thought it said 'designed by dogs' and I was SUPER impressed... I can't help but be slightly bitter that dogs can benefit from Casper mattresses before I've managed to - but thats my fault haha. What was the inspiration to go in the doggy-bed direction?
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@bentossell Thanks, Ben! Since launch, thousands of customers have shared photos of their four-legged friends jumping on the human mattress. Dogs love the Casper as much as their owners do, and we wanted to design a considered, thoughtful, and comfortable experience for their best friend.
@neilparikh Are you worried/excited that you may now attract lots of photos of owners jumping on their dogs beds haha
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@bentossell ha. Please send us those.
@neilparikh @bentossell I love your website, your ads on podcasts, and generally everything about your company. I'm in dire need of a mattress and I'm willing to purchase one from you guys except (sadly) I live in Australia. Would you able to reveal when/if you are expanding to ship to my home in Melbourne? Thanks so much. The closest alternative in Australia is Ecosa I'm much more sceptical of their product quality. Alternatively, I could spend $5000 on a memory foam Queen size mattress in the store...
@bentossell lol :-D I was going to get a Casper mattress, but went with Purple instead. Nothing against Casper, just my boyfriend ended up ordering from Purple.
My dog already spends more time sleeping on my Casper mattress than I do. I think she is going to love this!
Following Casper's expansion to Snapchat, we now have dog beds. I've seen some haterade tweets this morning but this extension makes a lot of sense.
@rrhoover the dog mattress is great on Snapchat, too ๐Ÿถ