Casper Glow

A magical light for better sleep

Most lights keep us up. Even bedroom lighting. That’s why we made Glow—a light that helps us wind down naturally for better, deeper sleep.

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The interaction design with gestures, synchronizing multiple lights, and portability are well thought out. I had always considered getting the Philips wake up light, but the Casper Glow is now on the top of my list.
@kunalslab agreed. I have a Philips wake-up light, and it's great, but this is just next level in terms of how well thought-through the use cases are, and how much the design enables those.
This is just beautiful!
I like that it's small enough to travel with. There really isn't a good option out there in that category.
@coreyo I always thought Lumio kind of nailed this category.
Looks cozy eheheh I like the warm color.