Casper is changing the way the world sleeps

Casper is changing the way the world sleeps with perfectly designed, memory foam mattresses.

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@willimholte Great questions — but an amazing experience is never a pain in the butt! We do not reseal or resell used mattresses. Every returned mattress will be donated to a local charity.
Just bought one and will report back :) Referral link for $50 off if anyone else is interested:
@msaint So what's the report? Thinking about getting one!
@lindsaykap I should have been more clear: I can't imagine how much of a pain in the butt a return would be for you guys. Can they be resealed/rolled? Can you resell 'used' mattresses?
@willimholte — Thanks for the compliment. The return process is easy! If you don't love your mattress, we'll take care of taking it away, and you get a full refund.
@ajwaxman We agree! That's why we created one amazing mattress with the features 99% of people want: firm support, and soft comfort.