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The world's first no pressure mattress

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2017
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LOL the promo video! 😂
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Promo video is hilarious! Too long, but really funny :)
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Who decided raw eggs are an appropriate model for the human body? Our tissues aren't remotely similar to egg shells... I've never heard of this test before, and a quick Google only shows it in the context of this company, and people questioning it.
@shimmb I have no idea... and completely agree. BUT many people won't do the research behind it. "Raw Egg Test" = 🤑 But I do want to try it. Who knows, maybe it does work? Definitely need some more reviews though. (IMO)
@shimmb it's a unique marketing stunt that is memorable.
@as_austin Found various videos in which people replicated the test on supposedly bad mattresses, e.g.
@shimmb The idea is if a bed can cradle raw eggs while supporting all that weight, it can also cradle your pressure point while supporting the rest of your body. :) Thanks for the interest in Purple!
@madi_riggs that's pure speculation. Where's the evidence that there is any correlation between the two, or that this leads to better sleep / comfort / less pain?
I own a purple. My first hand experience is that it is a great mattress; probably the best I've ever owned. It took a day or two for it to expand from the packaging. Now when I travel and sleep on different mattresses I just long for my purple. They also have a great support team. We had an issue when ours arrived and they sorted out our problem lickety split. 5 thumbs up
@tomfrazier did you consider the Leesa or Helix? I'm literally in the middle of shopping for a mattress.
@tomfrazier what sort of issue did you have on arrival?
@trevin I did. I felt the story of purple and their fun marketing was a good fit for me. Have a read of their about us page
@_jacksmith there was a water stain due to an issue at a shipping center. They replaced the entire mattress within a week. Boom!
@tomfrazier SO cool to hear about your experience with Purple! Thank you for giving us a try and keep enjoying the magic of Purple! :)
@shimmb I'm mostly surprised that they seem to be getting more, rather than less expensive in the process.