CBD Sleep Gummies by Casper

Casper's latest product to help you sleep is CBD gummies

We're always dreaming up new ways to help you sleep better, because sometimes it takes more than a great mattress to get there. Enter new CBD Sleep Gummies, the latest step in our quest to bring sound sleep to everyone who needs it.
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Interesting product expansion, capitalizing on the growing interest in CBD. Here's a snapshot of Google Trends search volume in the U.S. over the past 5 years:
@rrhoover why does this look like a wall street market cycle 😆
From Casper's perspective, this doesn't make sense if they identify as "We're dedicated to making the best mattresses ever." As soon as you shift that to "We help people get the best sleep of their life." It's not about the mattress anymore. It's about helping you sleep. At that point they can sell gummies, sleep rings, whatever. I like it. Good PR.
Wouldn't this product cause dental issues?
@denzil_doyle "introducing, sleep-inducing toothpaste from Casper"
Interesting direction from Casper, but it makes total sense. Another product from Casper designed solely to help you sleep
I agree with the sentiment that this is interesting from Casper. I would be curious to see what the unit economics are on this one: is this is a serious expansion product (i.e. $2.50 a day is a solid buy in) or pure marketing? I think @rrhoover 's Google Trend chart demonstrates the incentive for the latter.
@rrhoover @liam_roberts Agree that it's likely to be marketing focussed, but it is at least an 'on-mission' application of CBD, rather than other brands' jumping on the bandwagon (Coffee, pet food, etc)