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September 1st, 2019

The remote revolution

Last week, Product Hunt member Pavlo Pedenko brought up employee engagement among remote teams in Discussions.

How do you know employees are writing code for you instead of playing Fortnite?”

The Remote Work Report recently found that 91 percent of distributed workers think remote work is a good fit for them (out of 486 people surveyed). 96% of those surveyed would also recommend remote working to a friend. But of course, some of the pitfalls of remote work include employees feeling lonely, communication gaps among teams and high churn.

Some tips from remote Makers:

“In our team we share weekly updates on what we've accomplished and what we are working on next. We have project docs that outline our milestones and timelines for getting things done.” - Abadesi

“Set up clear communication channels that allow you to be in touch with your team every day, through the day.” - Alex

“Weekly 1 to 1's with people — this has a lot of advantages but mostly gives you a place to talk to employees about what they are working on, what problems they are facing and what they would like to accomplish" - Jakub

Another report published earlier this year found that 64% of employees work remotely at least part of the time and 67% would quit if their workplace became less flexible. Over the past month, we’ve seen five products for remote teams launch on Product Hunt. Over the past three months, there’s been sixteen product launches to improve the remote working experience.

A few of our favorites:

📘 Remote Company Culture Book is a guide to remote culture best practices

👋 Workspace helps you stay connected with your remote teams

✈️ Airmadic finds cheap flights for remote workers

💯 Tandem is a virtual office for digital teams

🌍 Location Finder helps you find the optimal place to meet with your team

🤖 DailyBot sends automated daily follow-ups for remote teams

🍕 Pizzatime hosts a pizza party for your remote team (we’ve tried this — it’s amazing!)

The Remote Work Report

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