Host a pizza party for your remote team

Have you ever wanted to host a party across a bunch of wildly different time zones and locations? No? Well we have and now you can! Host a pizza party for your team, no matter where they are; you tell us when and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Brilliant. 👏🏼 Request for product: RotisserieChickenTime
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@rrhoover We’re on it! 😉
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we used pizza time with our 35+ person remote team spread across the u.s. and a bunch of countries. it worked great! it was a fun thing to do with the team, and without pizzatime running the process, it would've been a logistical nightmare/impossibility. i think every remote team should try it!
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@smalter what group call software did you use?
As a remote team, it's always been tough to find fun things to do as a group. A couple years ago we tried a remote pizza party on our own and it was a blast—so we wanted to make it possible for other teams to do it too, without the headache of coordinating it! Also, thanks to our friends over at Animalz for being very willing test subjects for us :)
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@endtwist We'll do a Pizza party using pizza time very soon, and we can't wait!
It's beautiful.
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Our team used pizzatime last week for our first ever remote pizza party and it was AWESOME. The setup took very little work from us (just generate a team link through the app and have interested team members sign up). Pizzas magically appeared at each person's doorstep at the time of the party (give or take about 20 minutes for some), and we enjoyed pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner across 5 countries and 7 different timezones. Highly recommended for remote team building! Extra bonus: Each person can decide whether pineapple belongs on pizza (it doesn't) without their order affecting anyone else 🙌
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