Automated daily follow-ups for remote and on-site teams

Daily follow-ups for remote and on-site teams, making it super easy to know what each individual is up to.
Scrum Standups with super powers: multi-timezone, asynchronous, vacation mode, motivation tracker, history & search.
For Slack and Hangouts. For free!
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Hi Hunters! 🧡 — the frequent and the occasional :) DailyBot 🤖 is a chatbot assistant powered by Skills (or super powers) that help you automate your team daily workflows. Our product is built with the remote community in our top of mind 🌎 — as a fully remote team, we are giving our 2 cents to make the work of every remote worker smoother and even more fun! We’re not only building for remote teams, our product brings great benefits to any on-site team as well. We just like to highlight that every feature, Skill and detail is thought to be super remote friendly. We’ve been working hard re-architecting our product/tech for our demanding growth and polishing and re-launching this Follow-ups Skill. It is totally inspired on the Scrum Standup meetings practice, but adapted for remotes that require more asynchronous communication and multiple time zones. It integrates a vacation mode and a team motivation tracker 😃. DailyBot smoothly collects information about what your team has done the day before, what they’re doing Today and whether they have blockers or not, and then shares the information to your chat platform or via email digests. Your team will never lose a daily standup anymore! There is always access to the history with search and filters through the web dashboard. The motivation tracking is anonymous for the respondent and managers can see the chart with the trend so they can react to motivational issues and empower and bring the energy back to the team! 💪 DailyBot Follow-ups connects easily and smoothly to Slack and Google Hangouts Chat. New integrations are about to come. Use DailyBot for free and sign-up to stay in the loop about the new super cool Skills that we’ll be launching. …aaand of course please let us know what you think about it. All the feedback is well received, with much love! — Mauricio
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we've been using DailyBot for a few weeks now (since we're a partially distributed team) and have found it to be an immense improvement to how we used to do regular text updates. really excited to continue using it, and would recommend to any distributed team! I love the daily log in particular one small con: we can't edit your daily updates, which is occasionally annoying since you basically need to delete the update, and then add another one. other than that, all good! ;)
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@filip_twarowski we're glad to hear that DailyBot is being useful and adding value to your team. We'll introduce the Editing feature as well in a future version, count with it ;) — best!
@filip_twarowski now it's possible to edit your answers. We made a nice feature for Slack where you edit (just like you edit any Slack message) and the report (even if it was already shared to a channel) will get updated, it works like magic! :)
this sounds like a smart well thought out team assistant. great for project, product, tech, Dev teams. good job Mauricio
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@ralph_nonso thanks for your message!
It's a amazing project that begin a evolution to support to remote teams and non-remote teams with different skills. Cheers!
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Hi! Im new on DailyBot, but I can say that the Calendar horizontal bar y very easy to use and understand. Amazing work!
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@pablo_rojas we're glad to hear that you feel it understandable and easy to use, we're investing good time on DailyBot's usability both in mobile and desktop apps.