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Find the optimal location to meet with your remote team

Any plans for meeting your remote team? We've built a simple free tool that calculates the most optimal location to bring everyone together. It considers:
⏱Average travel time per person
🛬 Average number of layovers per person
💸 Estimated flight costs
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Booking the flights and getting a remote team together on one spot can be a quite a challenge, even with the flight search tools like Google Flights and Kayak. They are optimized for individuals, not groups. We've built a tool based on Kiwi.com API that solves this problem. It searches flight connections of more than 500 airlines and finds an optimal destination to meet your remote team. It is not a booking tool - it acts as an ‘advisor’ to help you discover the optimal location to host your next retreat or company meetup. Read more about Location Finder: https://www.thesurfoffice.com/bl... It is the 1st version of this app so we can't wait for your feedback :)
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Can I actually book these flights directly from your tool?
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@stefooo You can click on the search results and you will be redirected to the Kiwi.com (the tool is built on their fantastic API) where you can book that specific flight. However, Location Finder is not really a booking tool. Rather it acts as an "advisor" to help you decide the best location for your next company meetup ✈️
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Love the idea! CSS looks a bit broken for me on Android mobile though. The search button is missing (you have to invisibly scroll the inner panel with the data entry to see it)
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@james_crowley Thank you for the feedback 🙏 Mobile UI is definitely something that needs to be fixed (already on our to-do list). We first wanted to test if (then how) people will use the tool :) The desktop version should work OK.
@james_crowley can you pls tell what device are you using and what is the android version? (to make sure, we can do QA after we fix it)
Awesome tool! We just recently planned our meetup and finding the right location has definitely been a pain point. Have you guys thought about adding an option to slightly filter out results? (e.g. find Europe-only destinations?)
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@martin_rariga Awesome feedback, thank you! We've discussed few filter options already: - locations next to the beach - budget locations (based on Numbeo or Nomadlist data) - locations where you can eat paella and drink sangría 😀 Filtering by continents is a great idea!
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Gread idea! The web could use some fine tuning and bug fixing, but overall great not only for teams but also groups of friends.
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@jurajivan Thanks for the feedback! We noticed few more use cases (sport teams, meeting of a distributed family or friends, etc.) but the main focus is on remote teams now. The web definitely needs some fine tuning, especially the mobile version 🙈