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July 10th, 2019

Forms are not dead 💀

Today’s Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at JotForm.

Some folks may think that forms are dead, and that chatbots and phone tracking software are the future of data collection. However, three-quarters of marketers still use web forms for lead generation, and there’s a reason for that.

JotForm is of the camp that forms are very much alive. The company is dedicated to innovation within the industry, and continues to develop new products, integrations, widgets, and applications in a relentless effort to improve user experiences and increase conversion rates.

As a result, JotForm now has over 5M users collecting critical information with simple-to-build, intuitive online forms.

The company’s newest development? JotForm Mobile Forms. With a powerful offline mode, advanced form fields, and unique features like “kiosk mode” and form assigning, it’s a mobile data collection app that lets you create, share and complete forms from your phone or tablet. You can seamlessly collect data anywhere you go.

More handy products from JotForm:

📝 10,000+ customizable form templates for any type of form you can think of

⚙️ 300+ form widgets designed to collect every bit of data you need

🔗 100+ integrations to link forms with payment processors, CRMs, email marketing and cloud storage apps

✍️ JotForm Cards offers a friendlier way to ask questions with fun, interactive forms

📄 JotForm PDF Editor converts form submissions into professional, personalized PDFs

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