Shape Up

Book about product management from Ryan Singer of Basecamp

This book is a guide to how we do product development at Basecamp. It’s also a toolbox full of techniques that you can apply in your own way to your own process.
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Anyone created an epub or mobi file already?
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@wtwisk I haven't seen this, but hope it happens soon
@wtwisk @themohitmadan the mobi version has many missing characters (especially "F").
@themohitmadan @vaneyghen I sent it to my kindle without checking it. But there is room for improvement for a better ebook-file. Anyone?
I have been a fan of Ryan Singer and Basecamp work and have been following the development of this book on Twitter. I think it is a must read for everyone involved in product development.
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Basecamp's books are always well received by the startup and entrepreneurial world. Will dig through this one.
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@rrhoover I'm ready to test some ideas from the book in PH 🙄
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@rrhoover @rstankov love your openness, please share if it works! 💪
Wow, this is great! I would be very interested in an eBook format though. Even if it means $.
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Awesome! Thanks @rstankov - this is really useful :)
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