Rally Rd. lets anyone buy/sell equity in the things they care about. After funding 35+ Collector Cars + active trading, we're expanding into other asset classes. Our newest offerings include a 1st Edition Harry Potter, a Honus Wagner T206 Card, and more. 🚗
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I've been a happy Rally shareholder since their first car's launch – a 1955 Porsche – and can't wait to invest in their newest asset classes. These are financial investments first and foremost, but there's nothing quite like holding one of these stock certificates, knowing it represents a part of something I dream of calling my own. Big congratulations to Rob, Christopher, Fitz, and the rest of the team ⚾
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Thanks for the hunt Nick! When we built V1 of Rally in 2016, we started by making Classic Car investing accessible to everyone - but the vision was always about creating a new paradigm in equity ownership. Since launch, we’ve completed close to 40 Initial Offerings, created true liquidity in alternative assets, and opened our first retail showroom in NY so that everyone can have access to the rarest collectibles on the planet. This week we took the next step in that mission and officially released our next 3 asset offerings: Sports Memorabilia, Vintage Books, and Rare Timepieces, all within the Rally Rd. app. The Dow has the benchmarks. The NASDAQ has tech. Rally has everything you truly care about. Super excited to continue sharing this with the world and the Product Hunt community - Always open to ideas, feedback, or questions 🙌 PS: We re-open the Rally Rd. Store in Soho on Friday with the launch of our newest Initial Offering, a 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota (which will be on display). Anyone in NY come through, we’ve got some special gifts for everyone on Product Hunt starting at 9am!
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Please can someone explain to me how is this a returning investment.
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@hdsantos89 To give the quick how-it-works, the items are acquired, stored, and maintained from some of the best collections in the world. We price the asset based on a number of factors including comparable asset values and social data, then split the car into shares and run an SEC qualified Initial Offering. Once all shares are purchased, there is a minimum 90 day lock-up period where no buying or selling can occur. After that, we run Trading Windows every 30-60 days allowing for bid/ask trading between 9:30am-4pm, all through registered broker dealers within the app. We continually surface any info that could affect value and let the market reset price during those windows + we’re always fielding offers on items within the app for buyouts (we’ve had our first two full buyouts of collector cars off the platform recently, at 17% and 17.9% gains in 4 and 6 months respectively). There is also the potential for dividends via partnerships for asset use (for display, media, etc). So the return on investment can come in a number of ways.
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@hdsantos89 @robpetrozzo I'm a huge fan and participant of @RallyRD. Tremendous idea. Great opportunity for unaccredited investors to gain as well. @paydayloanguy Brilliant! Appears you are growing FAST in spite of the fact you are not employing cryptos/tokens/blockchain... :-)
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Congrats on the launch guys, but I've been waiting for Android since the start! What's going on??
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@ashman1012 Its been a long time coming, but its coming very soon. We’ve been building out the stack to ensure its a native, responsibly designed and built, and best possible experience (along with a revamped web experience for all platforms). We’re going to do something special for the android users as soon as it launches, hold me to it! PS- 50% of our dev team is on Android, the internal chatter is as loud as the external 😉 )
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@robpetrozzo Awesome! I can't wait. I visited the store back in I think February and I was told April -- the suspense is insane 😅
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@robpetrozzo p.s. it's super cool that you guys are starting to expand beyond cars
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@ashman1012 It's been really well received, psyched to have the community support the pathway we're taking! 🙌
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