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Google kills another product
Google kills another product

RIP Google Inbox.

If you didn't hear the news, Google Inbox — Google's beloved email client that launched back in 2014, shut down yesterday. This means that if you're a Google Inbox user, you're now being forced to switch to Gmail.

Google announced it would be sunsetting Google Inbox last September, and needless, to say people have been upset.

“My heart goes out to the millions of bereaved Google customers. Remember that we're all in this together.” - Ron Amadeo

Every single person I know who uses Google Inbox is using it until the bitter end, ignoring the nags, hoping it won't die” - Owen Williams

For some context, this is how people felt about Google Inbox when it launched:

“Can't remember ever being more excited to share a Google product with the world. Has completely changed how I use email.” - Ken

“Can't upvote any harder. Combines a lot of my favorite Google Now / Gmail Labs features into a much better package.“ - Ece

Google Inbox rethought how an inbox should work (like a to-do list), and a lot of its pioneering features are now deployed across Gmail. But if you're a bereaved Inbox fan and not ready to hop on the Gmail train, here are some alternatives you can check out:

Spike presents email as chats 🗣

Spark has smart filters and customizable designs ⚡️

Consider keeps you calm 😌

Zero sorts by relevance and importance 💌 wants to replace the inbox with AI 👀

Superhuman is super fast email 🚀

You can pay your respects to Inbox at the Google Cemetery, along with all other dead Google products.


Product News! 😻

WeWork just acquired Managed by Q. WhatsApp Business app for iOS is rolling out worldwide. Powerbeats Pro may pose a threat to AirPods. AI booking service Google Duplex rolls out to iOS and Android. Rippling raises $45M. Liquid becomes a unicorn.

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