Manage your HR & IT in one place, for the first time ever.

Rippling is the world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT — from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps — all in one, integrated system.

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Parker Conrad
Zenefits Cofounder
Hi Product Hunt - Parker from Rippling, launching our Employee Management System. We built Rippling because we think 90% of the manual admin work of running a company comes from disconnected business systems, particularly when it comes to information about your employees. You need to set people up in 50 different place when they join your company -- from computers, to apps, to payroll and benefits. And whenever something changes about employees (raise, promotion, moving to a new address, new role), you need to update stuff everywhere. If you have a system like Rippling, you (or others in your company) make changes to employees in one place (Rippling), and those initial changes propagate to all your other systems. An employee promotion might impact payroll & benefits & HR reporting, but also could change the apps and services they have access to, the email lists they are subscribed to, the software that's installed on their computer, and more. With Rippling, you get 3 different systems in one: - An All-in-one payroll, benefits and HRIS system that scales up to 1,000 employees and beyond (we've put a lot of thought into what breaks with SMB payroll systems above 100 employees, and made sure to fix that in our product). - An apps / Single-Sign-On system with hundreds of supported apps to set up & configure employees in your business systems (think stuff like GSuite, GitHub, Salesforce, AWS, dropbox, etc), that's simple enough to set up that you don't need to be technical to do it. - A Computer management system (which we previously announced) that automatically ships out computers to new hires, manages security, and installs and updates software on these machines. Lastly, we have a special deal for the PH community -- with our launch, we're going to be eliminating our free tier in the coming days. But, for Product Hunt companies < 6 employees that mention this post and sign up before the end of 2018, we'll continue to honor it.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
We use Rippling over @wearesofriendly. It's been instrumental in taking the load off of me as a single founder. It's had its ups and downs, in terms of being bug free, but the team has responded super quickly to any issues and I've seen patches come within a few hours. I'd highly recommend to any company that is hiring regularly and doesn't have a full HR force to leverage.
Ryan BednarRankScience CEO
We've been using Rippling for the past year at RankScience, and it's simplified the employee on-boarding process immensely. Huge timesaver, and the product keeps improving. I'd recommend this to anyone.
Matt MacInnisFounder, CEO, Canadian, CSIS agent
I've spent a bunch of time looking at this product, and I'm convinced it's what's next for HR/IT tech. Since SaaS products have become the norm across departments, this problem has only grown and become more gnarly. As a CEO, I watched my team struggle with onboarding and offboarding processes, and we spent silly amounts of money throwing people at it. Pretty excited to see someone finally taking a stab at fixing it!
Chandan Lodha
Co-Founder @ CoinTracker
We (nervously) switched over from Gusto to Rippling earlier this year and haven't looked back since. Everything is smooth as butter and the leadership team at Rippling is awesome. Extremely responsive & helpful, and impressive to see the new website launch highlighting the vast suite of issues that Rippling is going to solve for many companies.
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