Google Duplex

An AI assisstant that can talk on the phone πŸ€–

Google Duplex is an AI assistant that can actually talk to humans to get what you need. Powered by Google's powerful AI and tucked into Google Assistant, you'll be able to book reservations and schedule haircuts at hundreds of thousands of restaurants in seconds. More features to come soon.

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"Ok Google, Pick up call from Telemarketers/Fake Windows Support and waste as much of their time as possible"
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@calum_webb my favorite EVER product hunt comment!!!!! :-)
@calum_webb funny... my first thought is that this is going to be great for telemarketing :)
@mdavep and prank calls 😈
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@rrhoover We finally have a suitable replacement for soundboard prank calls!
@calum_webb @mdavep and for Nigeria Connection calls ... we should tell Google to add special nice features answering love scam calls.
My jaw hasn't dropped so quickly while watching a developer conference in years. Google is lightyears ahead of anybody in AI, and their new scarily accurate AI assistant is only the first iteration of this tech. Imagine being able to ask every restaurant in New York City what their current wait time is, or when their nearest reservation is... in the course of 30 seconds. Insane.
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@nickabouzeid Imagine being the business that fields the thousands of calls per day because there’s no cost from the consumer to make them. As the consumer I’m stoked about this tech, but I suspect there will be additional innovation on the business end to curb call fatigue, spam, etc.
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@nickabouzeid I spoke with a startup that was building for calling businesses using AI. Their demo was impressive but not even close to what Google just showed off. EDIT: here's that startup
@nickabouzeid @laxbrownie Pretty sure that the next logical step for Google Duplex is to give Businesses access to the AI to take these kind of phone calls. So at the end of the day we have AI talking to AI ... πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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@laxbrownie @yannschaub or API talking to API πŸ€”
@laxbrownie This same argument was used when free online reservation platforms (Opentable, Google Reservations) launched... which has been disproven by their stunning success. Consumers aren't malicious.
Look like we officially passed the Turing test.
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πŸ€–πŸ’¬πŸ€– when the robot answers on the other side
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I wish people (especially brilliant people) would stop working on such vain and dooming projets "just because they can" whilst their abilities are so desperately needed to solve major problems like climate change and pollution, politics and wealth distribution, animal and human welfare, health, etc. etc. etc.


It seems to "work", but...


WHYYYYYYY?!??! So much effort directed towards such shallowly egotistic goals when there are so many real problems to solve on the planet...

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Come on, this is just a proof of concept for what Google is capable of in terms of understanding and imitating human speech, they used this as an example because making appointments is easy to relate to for almost anyone. You have to look past the surface and realise what this means for the way we interact with machines in the near future. Imagine a fully conversational interface for your everyday tasks like reading and replying to emails you'll just listen and dictate stuff to your virtual personal assistant and it will never feel like you are talking to a computer. This is basically v 0.1 of the OS they portray in the film HER, I highly recommend it.
C'mon, Florent, because no one pay for it, so obvious :)